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”Distorted Reality”

Mission Location: Abandoned Industrial City “Helios”

Mission Request by: Tech-Sergeant [REDACTED]

Mission Outline:
Helios has been abandoned for nearly forty years, ever since the Imperator issued The Empire’s Decree. Since then, most of the city has been picked clean by scavengers over the decades. But there are still many secrets held within the city’s walls.
Reports have began to come in from the Recon Team I sent up that way a few weeks ago. 
And they paint a rather curious, and interesting picture for us.
While the project was discontinued before The Empire’s Decree was even issued, it clearly wasn’t. PROJECT: VANTA BLACK was reportedly an attempt by Imperial Researchers to uncover the secrets of The Void, so it could potentially be integrated into The Empire’s Arsenal.
Things took a turn for the worst however, and it was shut down.
However, there is evidence of someone continuing work on the project as, a single Void Beast has been sighted rampaging across the city ruins. Which means, there was a break through in the research not long before the Recon Team arrived.
This is good for us, bad for a lot of other people, as the city does remain on the boarder of Barsburg lands, and Esshar. And could see the beast rampage across Barsburg lands should it not be stopped.
Being that in order for PROJECT: NIGHTLIGHT to continue on schedule, we’re going to need something that pertains to the Void. I request this mission be approved in order for our objectives to be completed in a timely fashion.
1, Gain entry into Helios
2, Find whoever released the Void Beast 
2 Optional, Kill or Recruit whoever released the beast.
3, Track down the Void Beast and kill it.
 4, Harvest what can be harvested of the Void Beast.
Should this go as planned, PROJECT: NIGHTLIGHT may continue with little hindrance in the future.

[Image: 48-EE2-EC4-E759-473-A-881-B-70-F7-BF256-CB1.jpg]

Be careful out there.

Attendees: 2-4 players, 
Anyone of Scout Force Alpha
Risk: CoD. Most attendees will be between 150 and 180, keep this in mind!

Rewards: To be discussed with DM, but Void Crystals/Orbs and Research Notes of some kind would be preferred. 

Tone: Grim, Abandoned Town, Void Research Horror.

DM: Still looking. Please contact if interested.

Contact: Canadian#1403
Officer XI assigned for the mission!
Private Quinn reporting
Officer Mila Virine will enjoy the opportunity
That’s the cap for the people participating in the event. No more will be accepted unless one drops out.
Still looking for a DM!
Newbie DM Niko is on the board.

Anxiety spiking up, gods please help me.
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