MoonlightExplosive, Spiritual Children
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Eztli Meztin
Quote:A powerful Way-finder and one of the strongest warriors within the tribes of Moxtli. Once led as their Voice before his eventual boredom and subsequent retirement. Has since deteriorated physically due to years of drug abuse.
[Image: TFlD9HGVfZt9YUBlMMC84x3DF-wR10ME_YeRSnPV...2MNgPUsKob]
Eliu Meztin
Quote:Former pirate, warrior of Moxtli. Your other dad, something, something...
Older brother is the current voice of Moxtli.
You’re descended from a Spiritually attuned family.
Both your parents were loving if not emotionally distant for a variety of reasons.
Potential to learn Way-Finding and/or Spectral Sight if such suits your fancy.
No pressure has been placed on you and you are free to live your life as you see fit, within or away from the tribes. 
So long as you respect and adhere to your culture.
Rightful inheritors of XipovosSultan’s Folly, and an ornate Ritual Dagger.
Will be gifted a sack of coins and whatever fancy relics the two had gathered over the years.
You were born because both of your dads decided to find women to carry on their respective lineages.
Playable in 1841AC and the other 1842AC
Drakanite and Ookami respectively.
Biological mother is whatever the heck you want her to be. Don’t ask for specifics, I refuse...
Contact Info:
#Moonlight0150 or #Mal0204
Hello! Thank you for the interest. Decided to add one more.

Feel free to DM!
Moonlight has told me to inform you lovely people that there is one (1) PC available. Apply now!
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