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"Ahaha! Training has been a bit slow lately. Rather, progression has completely come to a halt and I've found it boring, unlike my past which was filled with excitement and lethality."
Himari has initiated a training montage for herself. Albeit, who would even train her? Her name causes people to look at her in a different light unless they directly meet her. But! It seems that one person has figured out that her presence is little to none when it comes to danger. A Master of a fighting style that Himari has only seen once. One that lets their energy flow effortlessly in their fighting power! But, the price for this is to only focus on that power completely. Meaning, ignore the rest of the magics not related to this power. Either by forgetting the spells or dangerously cleansing their mana circuitry of it.  Himari was up for the challenge.

Attendees: Solo event, unless someone wants to come to give her motivation or is looking for this dev, too
Tone: Spooky, Hard, Intense, Motivative.
Danger: Chance of Injury. Training isn't easy.
Requests: Dev for Way of Willpower | Probably a removal of the water tree. [Be creative!]
Dm: Anyone willing!
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