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'To peer beyond the obscurity of this century and take inspiration from humanist qualities of our civilization'. A theatre of regal, elegant design now serves as the arena for many forms of entertainment. Crimson curtains drape against its walls and its primary characteristics include distinct architectural styles. Two, stacked rows of shallow balconies are positioned like a horseshoe to surround the auditorium, for better visual and audio intake. These seats are usually reserved for those willing to pay the price in coin. There appears to be an orchestral pit situated in front of the stage, sunken below ground level. The stage itself is pushed deep into the wall to better accommodate dancing, painted scenery props, and equipment. Here, grand operas and ballets can take place. 
Events will be held in this space from time-to-time as Osrona’s premiere location for recreation! Anyone, especially those from Sudbury, looking for work can contact the theatre’s director and owner, Priscilla cos Solenne for further details.

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Location highlighted with the pink circle, directly north of the star statue.

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Benefit Concert

A simplistic flyer is passed around to those with empty hands and particularly unoccupied. The sheet of paper announces a concert featuring the renowned violist, Priscilla cos Solenne, hosting another fundraiser. This time, it aims to bring attention to pressing topics within the kingdom and collect donations geared towards a state-sanctioned hospital in central Caelfall. All proceeds go towards the medical institute and other, redeemable causes; rumor has it that one Agrien Vandroy of the Red Wing Hospital will be heading its operations! Thanks to Seven's initial proposal, the goal is to create an infirmary recognized by Queen Petrakis herself.

Tickets are on sale for 150c per person; balcony seats start at 300c. Those currently enrolled at The Children of Esshar School and Orphanage receive free admission. Any additional donations are always appreciated!

An after-party will be held at the Siren's Strait Stage with plenty of refreshments and drinks to go around.

[The performance will start at 6 PM EST, 01/13/2020]
Priscilla cos Solenne seems like a delicate noble lady who plays sophisticated melodies on her finely crafted violin.

Noblemen are her target audience.
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