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Wiki of Esshar Additions - Theori - 09-27-2021

Hello! This is a very simple thread, with a very simple purpose. At current, the wiki for Chronicles of Esshar is underdeveloped! Recent efforts between myself and Milly have made the thing reasonably navigable again, which means its the right time to start making additions. And there have been some lately! This is good! However, more work remains to be done! I'm going to use this thread to both indicate my personal priority list for adding to the wiki, note additions that would be great if someone (or multiple people) would help with, and also crowdsource ideas for what is next!

My current personal to-do list (in order of priority):
  • Editing: Triumvirate
  • Addition: House Petrakis
  • Addition: Starfall Academy
  • Addition: Nidaz Vanreth Done!
  • Addition: Primordial pages (Aschea, Njorun, Eos, Achyls in particular)
  • Addition: Kingdom of Esshar (rough history)
  • Addition (if Chance will let me): Bastard's Rebellion history.
To-do List that would be great if people with knowledge would help with:
  • Addition: Asphodel - everything; society, culture, religion, history.
  • Addition: Garljing's Coat
  • Addition: Theria - history/updating it to modern day
  • Addition: Moxtli history up to its destruction
  • Editing/Addition: The Faith (preferably Church players who have approval from Claramonde to do so)
  • Addition: Ilburg
  • Addition: Alabastre
If you have anything in particular, feel free to suggest it with this:

Would you be willing to help?: Y/N

And if you'd like to help, also pop it here with this:

Quote:Discord Contact:
What would you like to help with?:

Do you have a character you  think should go on the wiki? Provide me with a google doc containing paragraphs or dot points for the following headings and if you're deemed fitting I'll make you a page!

Projects (If Applicable)
Relic (Used/Made)

RE: Wiki of Esshar Additions - BLOX - 09-27-2021

bless your heart

Discord Contact: BLOX#9369
What would you like to help with?: i can basically document the last lil bit of asphodel's existence if its needed
i had a few ideas + info on how the hierarchy worked towards its end after the vranovo take over and how public opinion was influenced adn stuff
plus the laws and stuff that are in ic info
it wasnt around for super long though but ill try my best  o _ o

RE: Wiki of Esshar Additions - Knawlidge - 09-27-2021

Discord Contact: Knawlidge#3841
What would you like to help with?: Void Lore. Its about time we had a page made on it in writing.

RE: Wiki of Esshar Additions - StarMann - 09-27-2021

Discord Contact: StarMan#0001
What would you like to help with?: Everything I've run an event on