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Mutes' Sprites Shop - MutesToCry - 07-22-2021

[Image: 9072481d1b70ead2a882f36ed92c449d.jpg]

Welcome to my Sprite Shop!!!!

Here I'm listing sprites that are basically for sale that I make on the regular or even ask for commissions for custom outfits, weapons, accessories, and etc.

Here are some wonderful examples of what I've made!!!

[Image: 3qLbOPf.png][Image: O7oZkLcm.jpg][Image: Sp1j02Tm.jpg][Image: diRCTEXm.jpg][Image: s2vryaHm.jpg][Image: wut4H76m.jpg][Image: nHjNnj4m.jpg][Image: RxGe4RXm.jpg][Image: s6sUaAom.jpg][Image: ykCdNlMm.jpg][Image: TyA0jKMm.jpg][Image: aZVUfaEm.jpg][Image: eDhB6B5m.jpg][Image: 3QrdOqcm.jpg]

What I'm selling so far;


Commission Prices:

(This is per piece of such items; USD)

Accessories/Effects: $5 

Clothing Sprites:$10
Armor Sprites: $15
Weapon Sprites: $10-30
Custom Sprites/Furniture: Depends

What some would constitue as each;

Accessories; Hats, Ear/Rings, Necklaces, Glasses, Masks, Horns, Hair ordiments, Hair, Floating objects, Hearts, Glowing, etc
Clothing; Non-armor based clothing, Shirt, shoes, pants, cloak, etc
Armor; Detailed garments, Chestpiece, leggings, helmet, etc.
Weapons; Gauntlets, Guns, Various Swords, Hammer, Knife, Axe, etc.

Contact me at MuteX#7630