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Midnight's Call - StarMann - 07-12-2021

[Image: BPPVTH2.png]

The night calls, who among you will answer?

Every night the dreams return, the nightmares. Flashes of shadowfire, screams of pain and the fading of loved ones. Each night these nightmares return and yet by each morning they are forgotten by all. All but those experienced in the art of walking between dreams. To them it acts as an invitation. A call. The witches of Esshar are being summoned to the dreamscape. But by what remains to be seen.

(Public event for all witches/people capable of dreamwalking/occultists/people who sold their soul for a microwaved hotdog. Will be held most likely Saturday/Sunday the 17th/18th of July depending on availability. The event will take place on the Dreamwalk map but you wont need to spend essence to attend. You can contact me on Discord for more info StarMan#4745)

RE: Midnight's Call - StarMann - 07-14-2021

The event has been scheduled for Saturday the 17th of July at 6PM EST.