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The Adamantite Chef Tournament - StarMann - 07-04-2021

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News has come in across Esshar of a wealthy Shengese business man preparing to host a tournament unlike any the country has ever seen. A grand cooking tournament. Information has been given out to applicants across the land:

People of Esshar, I bring to you a challenge above all others! Using ingredients both local and unknown I challenge you to create the finest dishes known across all Eternia. A tournament shall be held to find out the true Adamantite Chef of this land. Applicants must form teams two or three members. Up to 6 teams will be allowed entry, so do not delay in your response. There is no entry fee and no requirements, all equipment and ingredients will be provided on site. The challenge is timed with only thirty minutes for each round. For the first two rounds, the two worst teams will be eliminated and in the final round it will be a multi-dish head to head clash.

The grand prize is 50,00 coins to the winning team and the crown of the Adamantite Chef. Second place will receive 30,000 coins and third place will receive 15,000. All entries will receive complimentary prizes including samples of rare ingredients and novelty cooking utensils with more valuable versions being provided to the winners.

(Applications close on the 9th of July at 11:59pm EST. There will be a panel of judges you have to impress and the cooking scenes will be RPed out. Each team is allowed a set number posts per round depending on size and no white text is allowed. The tournament date will be announced once I have all the applicants. Contact me on Discord StarMan#4745)

RE: The Adamantite Chef Tournament - StarMann - 07-06-2021

A new announcement is made with an addendum to the application process and rules:

Those who are unable to form teams themselves may apply as an individual, if you do you are consenting to the Adamantite Chef team pairing you up with other individuals at random to form a team. No leniency will be given to these teams in the judging phase.

RE: The Adamantite Chef Tournament - StarMann - 07-08-2021

The date has been set. 10th of July at 4PM EST. The tournament will be held in the Waystone arena which will be closed an hour before the event starts to set up the kitchens. Spectators are welcome. Applications remain open until the 9th however late entrants may be allowed depending on when they arrive.

RE: The Adamantite Chef Tournament - StarMann - 07-11-2021

The Adamantite Chef Tournament has closed. A new episode/season is in the works but there are no defined timeframes currently. Though rough estimates are like 3-4 weeks maybe?