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Reformation: The Church of Star, Scorch, and Spirits - Notyel - 05-27-2020

On the door of Osrona’s Church, a paper is attached to the door, for those to read as they desire while passing through the city. 

The split happened for a simple reason. Del told the church that Myllenoris was sacrificing people. I agreed we needed to send out more Keeper patrols. At this time, I heard my wife was captured and held in Myllenoris. So I went on a patrol and was captured by a rogue occultist. I ended up in the hands of Myllenoris.

They could have killed me. They did not. So I began investigating. I found that many of Del's claims were false. In addition, her words only began to become swallowed with more pride and zeal instead of honesty. While imprisoned, Alexander struck my name from the trivumerate, absolved me of all connection to the Petrakis empire, and removed all my rank, among other things.

So when I was freed, I no longer followed him, nor Del. I could no longer believe in them. Not only that, but I found that the King had been seduced by Witches, driven to madness others could only describe as an uncontrollable wrath. In that? I believed he lost his divine rite.

So when I was freed, I began the Eastern Celestial Faith. A faith for the stars, and for the people who no longer can follow Alexander, nor Del. That is what it has been from my perspective.

All above the King has done. During my time, there was no human sacrifice within Myllenoris. There was a single occultist, and they are recruiting an exorcist to balance him and be his opposite.

The King, however, abandoned me in my time of need. He claimed people who were my family traitors. He allowed my wife to be poisoned and called a traitor, not once, but twice. Not only that, but he is still having people executed. I heard Eric cos Salis was put to the blade recently.

So that is why I opened an alternative church. So people who do not believe in his rule can have a safe place to live. That is why I stayed in Osrona.

The King and the Western Church may claim they have a pass from Angels, but they do not have a pass from me.
Along with this, comes the Eastern reformation of the Celestial Church, while also meeting the terms of agreement with the terms of the end of war pact; The Church of Star, Scorch, and Spirits is established within Osrona, open to any who desire to learn about the stars, and also searching for members of the other Faiths to contribute holy texts for research and study.

The Church of Three is established.

The temporary church, while the church building is undergoing renovation is north west of the square.

[Image: -QnjqyJT803ycYdElHqEXPKHwaXgab9fq_BrrWkE...4ZGvRuglBh]

RE: Reformation: The Church of Star, Scorch, and Spirits - Notyel - 06-04-2020

Alongside the previous declaration on the door of the Church of Three, a new article would hang below it for people to read at their leisure.
Section 1: Unificationism

What is the Church of Three?

The Church of Star, Scorch, and Spirit is the representation of several religions within one religious space. This is initially done because of the Coalition’s victory, but it is also so that one can study the philosophy behind each religion. There are points that one can study in each to gain a better outlook, both on how others view the world, and how one might choose to live their life. Debate between priests of the various branches is encouraged, in hopes of unveiling truths and gaining multiple views of events.

The basis of Unificationism is four simple tenets; Truth, Choice, Balance, and Rebirth.

Truth: The first Tenet of the Codex of Three is Truth. One should seek out the truth of things, instead of just blindly following the words of others. Others may seek to lie to you, and until you have investigated yourself, try not to be influenced by it. In my life, I have found that I was lied to in regard to human sacrifices of a certain Religion, as well as the presence of Witches within a settlement that did not hold them. People will try to lie to you to get you to act, to get you to act to their whims. It is up to you to find the truth.

Choice: You are not forced to do anything by religion. You are not forced to call others worship false gods, or to follow people you do not believe in, or to kill for the glory of someone. What you do is a choice, one you can choose to act on or ignore. I choose not to forgive Alexander for his abandonment, and I choose to pursue truth. Choose to do what you believe in.

Balance: A Celestialist is taught that long term enrichment of living a virtuous life must be balanced with temporary gain. The Teraphim are taught that the world must exist in a perpetual balance of the scales. The only religion of the three which does not seem to believe in balance are the Fireblooded, who are encouraged instead to ‘Discover a want that you would crush nations for’ (-Garljing, the Sagas of Thorgil). Even so, they believe in a balance in combat ‘never outnumber your foe’. 

Rebirth: Rebirth represents change. Celestialists believe in rebirth when our souls are cleansed by the stars. Teraphim are often born by the rite of the Chrysalis, reborn into their new lives. The sage Thorgil was reborn in the flame of Garljing as a drakanite. Every religion has some point in which we believe one winter ends, and a new spring blooms, a rebirth, or large scale change takes place. Eastern Celestialism is the result of one such rebirth, the rebirth of a zealous church into one that seeks truth.

The following three chapters will be ventures into understanding each religion as an individual.

The Church has been repaired and the Church of Three moves back into the building in the Center of Osrona.

RE: Reformation: The Church of Star, Scorch, and Spirits - Notyel - 06-12-2020

Another article is attached to the front door of the Church of Three
Chapter 2: Star

When talking of soul, body, and spirit, Celestialism is the religion that focuses upon the soul. It is a religion that focuses on Rebirth, on souls rising to the stars, and cleaning the sins committed while alive, so that the soul can learn and come back to experience more things, until eventually reaching a state where they ascend to Paradise.

Celestialist morality revolves around a duality of nature, a Balance, if you will. In this duality, it is important to balance long term gain with short term gain. To do this, Celestialism warns against vices, Worldly in the form of greed, lust, and gluttony, and Spiritually in the form of sloth, wrath, and envy. The ideal is if this balance is properly preserved, a Celestialist will live that life virtuously and become that much closer to paradise.

To that end, A Celestialist must always be mindful of their actions. A pure Celestistialist should not act unless it is for a proper reason, a reason they believe in. It is this morality that is supposed to drive Celestialsim foremost.

So then what are the stars to a Celestialist?

The Stars are bastions of knowledge. Maltziel explained that the stars are guardians, and shaped the sky. Eighteen of these stars make up the Leonaus, the Celestial Lion, and each of those eighteen have a name, as well as a particular trait that they are best at teaching. This is why a Celestialist calls upon the stars, for their wisdom, and clarity.

The three branches of the Leonaus are the Yellow branch, the body of the lion, blessed by house Astor, the Blue branch, the head of the lion, blessed by house Pellaux, and the Red branch, the paws of the lion, blessed by house Grimmoire. The Leonaus itself was said to bless the land of Esshar. The Petrakis Dynasty was said to be the inheritor of this all, until the end of their divine right, which has expired.

So then what are the Angels to a Celestialist?

The Angels are beings of Light, and protectors of Mankind. They are distant, dwelling within Heaven so their wings do not darken. It is said that beneath each star is a guardian angel. They have emotions, and wills, like people, and these opinions and ideals can be right, or, more often in the case of fallen angels, can be wrong. This means that even an angel with the best wishes for mankind does not have absolute knowledge.

Prayer and confession are the last topics to cover in explaining Celestialism. In Celestialism, it is important to pray at times during the day. These prayers are often directed towards the stars, for their assistance with a quality or an aspect. A prayer can also be offered to the constellations as a whole for guidance and strength. Confession is the act of seeking advice from a priest, and in return, they can give advice. Through these two things, the hope is that one can become more moral, and can receive assistance for things that ail them.

So what is the difference between Eastern and Western Celestialism?

Put simply, the difference between Eastern and Western Celestialism is the belief of the divine right expiring or not. Western Celestialism believes that Alexander Petrakis was redeemed. Eastern Celestialists, such as myself, believe that Alexander Petrakis, and by extent, the Petrakis Dynasty, did not reclaim a divine right to rule. Alexander was seduced by a Witch, unlawfully dismissed the trivumverate, led his country to ruin, was driven by wrath to allow the murder of Marie Petrakis, his cousin, and continues to commit actions that are morally irreprehensible, such as supporting the murder of former Knights of Osrona, such as Eric cos Salis, and approving attacks on innocent people, such as the assault on Baelford bridge in 1742. It is the belief of Eastern Celestialism that the sins of Alexander are simply too much to be forgiven for, and are against the duality of morality that Celestialism represents.

Lastly, a compendium for the stars has been composed for those desiring to know it. Thus concludes the study of Star, Eastern Celestialism.

The information on the stars is the below (ooc notice; taken verbatim from the wiki)

Yellow Branch - The Body of the Lion

☉ - Leo - The Brightest Star - House of Leadership - Likely to promote leadership

⚶ - Geist - The Moving Star - House of Vision - Likely to promote visions

♄ - Alph - The Center Star - House of Judgement - Likely to promote charisma

Ξ - Lyzel - The Tail - House of Movement - Likely to promote efficiency

♐︎ - Phos - The Pinned Star - House of Determination - Likely to promote firmness

♎︎ - Sae - The Neck - House of Speaking - Likely to promote understanding

Blue Branch - The Head of the Lion

Δ - Hiero - The Old Star - House of Revision - Likely to improve interpretation

♈︎ - Biblos - The North Star - House of Emotion - Likely to improve passion

☌ - Uner - The Comet - House of Testimony - Likely to improve invention

☊ - Iberl - The Poles - House of Firsts - Likely to improve observation

Θ - Rhyt - The Mane - House of Wisdom - Likely to improve rationality

♒︎ - Syph - The Tooth - House of Smoothness - Likely to improve coherency

Red Branch - The Paws of the Lion

♓︎ - Ios - The Large Planet - House of Banners - Likely to grant morale capacity

♆ - Vrona - The Three Ringed Planet - House of Force - Likely to grant offensive capacity

δ - Twe - The Dull Planet - House of Bankers - Likely to grant economic capacity

♊︎ - Anos - The Grand Planet - House of Guardians - Likely to grant defensive capacity

π - Yiel - The Bright Planet - House of People - Likely to grant religious capacity

♅ - Neoi - The Swift Planet - House of Scouts - Likely to grant intellectual capacity