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Descent Unto Darkness (Chapter 2) - Wooloo - 01-14-2020

[Image: tumblr_pukvq3x02z1rf3gb3o5_r1_1280.jpg]

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          TO BLOT OUT THE LIGHT

O King
Power Awaits
Enter the Realm of Dark
Take what is yours by Divine Right
Smother all hope and good beneath you
And make sure that this world knows it's ruler.

Synopsis: Having had his hunch proven, Dragmire Ruinfall returns to the Black Woods, descending into the darkest reaches of the regions. He seeks further knowledge of the ruins that he had found. The secrets of whatever power continued to defy Osrona's rule lay at his fingertips, and he would have it. Within the accursed ruins, he finds traces of what may once have been a place of worship - But for what?

Character: Dragmire Ruinfall

Extra Attendees: None.

Risk Level: Medium, slightly higher than last

Tone: Adventurous, Dark, Demonic

Rewards: Villain Dev, maybe accessory items like cape/amulet/etc. A Broken Blade of Light.

RE: Descent Unto Darkness (Chapter 2) - Wooloo - 01-19-2020

In need of a new DM due to IRL conflicts/issues