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Pelleaux 2: Moxtlian Drift - eev - 04-06-2022

1, 2... testing.
Is this thing on?

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Quote:Your father,

A Radiant of the Order and defender of Osrona and innocents across Esshar.

He whole heartedly believed that a just world was possible, he spent his years training and fighting against occultist and demons alike.

Though your mother didn't agree with the Stars, your father made sure to give you guidence either way. He taught you about Eos and how to contact the light lady upon your darkest ours, along with proficient bladework.

Your father has also never seen your face, and you can recall him reminisce about how he always desired to.

[Image: ama.png]
Quote:Your... mother????

Moxtlian Warchief, the Flesheater Dryad.

One of you have spent a majority of your growing time with her in Moxtli.

Even before being taught how to read, she taught you how to fight and fend for yourself.

Though you were provided with all your needs, it was soon made clear that she expects you to grow independent and leave her care as soon as you are able to.

She scolded you more than she showed you affection, and she has always been equally overprotective of you.

When asked, she always told you different reasons as to where your father is. But you always knew better than to believe them.

You will spawn on 1917. Human or Dryad.

One of you will be eligible to be a 'vey' Pelleaux as part of your upbringing in Osrona, the other will be Moxtlian.

Nobility and gaining/losing it is completely part of your IC responsibility.

Even though we're flexible in terms of your upbringing, priority will be given to one Osrona-background, and one Moxtli-background applicant.


As part of the bloodline you have the affinity to connect to the stars within the blue branch of Leonous.
You can have antlers like your mother's!!!!!!!!!
Opportunities within both Osrona and Moxtli in terms of rank and growth. You can choose whichever!

You are the direct cousins of the Crown and part of the Side Pelleaux Branch.


Apply Here!
Edit: birth year miscalculation, aha…... Fixed now

RE: Pelleaux 2: Moxtlian Drift - eev - 05-12-2022

Need 1 more! (Moxtli preferably)

DM me at Eve#1315