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Clag x Aimi - BerylFlint - 04-04-2022


Quote:Your mother, the kitsune. Swordswoman, blood magi, and deceased.

Sacrificed by the ebonblooded to their pillar in a sad twist of fate, your mother tragically died when you were around three. The memories of your mother are probably hazy to non-existent. Memories of a soft smile and white fur, but nothing more. However, your father has perhaps helped to fill the gaps.

Serene and almost impeccable, your once mute mother was a swordsman, carpenter, and a loving mother for the three years that she was alive with you. Treating you as her most precious things. Coming from a foreign village outside of Esshar, she made a home here, carving out her own path. A trickster at heart.
[Image: ScienceOneMan.PNG]

Clag Ossumear
Quote:Your father. Council-man of Novus, magi-technician, and inventor.

Devastated by the loss of his wife, if it hadn't been for you, chances are that your father would've killed himself. Maybe not with his own hand, but throwing himself at that mountain would've probably done the trick. Suffice to say, in that moment of loss, where everything seemed so bleak and empty, your father could not bear to leave you alone. His love for you triumphing over his desire for revenge and suicidal sadness. Who else would take care of you? Who else would love you? In that moment, he made a promise to himself, to live. To love, until you were old enough to take care of yourselves.

And therefore, your father has raised you by himself for the majority of your life. But, he has raised you with a smile on his face. His love for you only growing after her death, seeing his wife in you. A distant father he is not. A constant and patient companion, your father has attempted to teach you to consider the world in a different way. Not one of blacks and whites, but meshes of them all together. To truly think and consider the world around you. A filthy neutralist.

 A self educated man, along with being an artificer, and alchemist. Your father has also attempted to provide a foundation for education the best he could. Magi-tech, artificery, alchemy, medical, and more. But he does respect the fact that not all people are born to be artificers and alchemists. If you're not, your father will probably still love you.

  • Two of you, siblings. One brother and one sister. You should generally like each other.

  • You will be spawnable at 1911

  • You are both kitsune, taking after your mother.

  • You belong to no true group, but you have been raised within Esshar. You are free to travel where you wish, although your father is now heavily based in Novus.

  • You are both named Aiko. This may be as confusing as it sounds.

  • You should probably enjoy being on the receiving end of affection.

  • Uniques? We can make em together!

  • You will most likely have a hair color between brown and white.

Contact Info: Eek, Run Away#3869 (If you're interested)

RE: Clag x Aimi - BerylFlint - 04-27-2022

Both slots are still open! Sadly