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Your Father
-Adrian Alinteau-

Light - Holy - Armed - Nephalim - Radiant

The Sole Heir of the Alinteau name, your Father was born into lavish Nobility of Delphina. Throughout his youth, he ventured off to Londo to begin the framework of his Faith and building up the foundations of the Night Mother's Vigil. There he spent many years, supporting the people and Family, building connections and reforging broken Familial ties. Yet his life, it'd become scarred by battle and broken by trust. His journey then veered back to Delphina, where yours will begin. He now working from the very bottom as a Leafblade, rebuilding a decade of absents from the place that is rightfully his true home.

"~Will you help him maintain and prosper the Alinteau name?~"

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Your Mother
-Ellaine Orstein-

Explosion - Nature - Draknite

Born in Dawnstone to the nefarious commander Zeref, your Mother is a chipper and kind woman. Enveloped by the stars, yet ditsy and easily distracted. She and your Father placed purpose within Gala and found love under the stars. Yet her side of the Family is twisted in secrecy and darkness, whispers of Necromancers and Witches linger on the winds when her Family is mentioned. She, clear of such taint as she worked to distance herself from a darkness infested youth. She, the light to her Brother, Mithadrin's, darkness. To you, she was nothing but stellar. Your priority her top one in care, so when she left your life when you were about seven it was abrupt and unforeseen. The circumstances of such riddled in even more mystery. For now.

"~Or will you succumb to your dark ancestry?~"

- 2 Kids.
- 1 Draknite child. 1 Human child.
- Born in Londo you spend much of your youth there, yet at the ripe age of about six or seven you moved to Delphina with your Father. Your Mother is more or less out of the picture now with potential visits arranged in the future, but your Father kept you away from the Drama of their seperation. You may find out more IC. 
- Throughout your childhood the virtues of Gala and Nemea were both invested within you. A general respect of the spirit realm and the world around you was also instilled, with a harsh criticism of the occult and the Fel in general.
- You have a vast and supportive Family and a network of those willing to support you on whatever path you choose. Lots of potential for dev!
- Human child will be of Nephalim descent, capable of applying for unlocking Aether in the future. 
- Draknite will have the black wings just like your Mother.
- Can spawn in 2106 (But can also spawn earlier if you want, time is an illusion afterall)

Quote:Contact on discord for any inquiries!
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Slots are still open and you will coincidentally spawn on the release date of Meranthe 2.0 , Feburary 16th! 

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2.0 Has arrived and there is still one more child slot open!! Ready to spawn straight away.
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