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Since like five people have said unarmed buffs:
A way to proactively counteract invisibility potions that isn't spamming /ping repeatedly and praying to every God in existence that they're not listening on the edge of your rp range, outside of /ping range.
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The invasion of Sun Wukong monkey beastkin from Sheng, only they can cleanse the darkness from this land.

Already discussed, but the addition of warden summoning and augmentation as a counter balance to undead, perhaps a diametrically opposed on-sight mechanic to ensure that they don't ever buddy buddy.

Yams for sweet potato pie.

And Pokémon training as a signature for Ludi.
Lemon recipies. Let them be free…

More seriously. Updated tooltips or a proper breakdown/update of what certain Sigs/Fates do would be helpful for new players trying to figure things out. Maybe an in-game method of pulling up the information would be cool, or bring back bookshelves so someone (me) can make an IC library.

On the subject, maybe more enhancements to empower building further? General QOL stuff.

Fate trees that let you impact the overmap in a tangible way would be cool. Like Avee’s graveyard suggestion on a larger scale. I think it’d build on…building, in a fun way.

(((pls buff golemancy while we’re at it)))
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Don't ever speak to me or my son ever again
If I had to with for something about Meranthe.. I wish that some trees get looked at to ensure better evened out balancing. Otherwise, happy holidays everyone.[Image: SwES7N6.gif]
A ban on wars that happen on Fridays and Saturdays.

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A grimdark futuristic spinoff game when
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Isn't that just shadowrun?

And for a wish... always fixed racials. It would be nice to see a Urisade around. Oh, and the hidden secret one... Ents! (I would like to see them back, they were cool. Although I understand if we have too many races already...)
If I had one thing I want for this season, it’s further exploration into classes that allows for more options for both good and evil characters— Maybe even neutral?

But in reality I only want undead to be able to have a class, maybe even further fleshing out the necromancy class to add more milestones for an undead like maybe for 20 undeath they can unlock necromancy class or the funny skeleton summons, something like that.
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My true wish is making every spell in the game useful by looking at the worst spells in the game that barely see play (and for a good reason) and reworking them, a big PvP rework that'll make the combat (most fun part of the game) more entertaining for every class. I'd also like to see a reduction in homing/autohit spells.

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leperchaun as appable race
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