Loopty LooHel on Earth
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They are many things. Great things. From the unseen puppeteer in the shadows that orchestrates the downfall of countries, damning entire nation's worth of souls to the Black Pits to serve their dark and unknown master. Whispering into the ears of heroes promises of sweet, delicious power that might tempt them to fall from grace and become the most vile of villains.

Or perhaps even the almighty juggernaut of Might made manifest. Cleaving the heads from any foolish champions that might dare to face them on the battlefield, reaping their bounty in the form of oceans of blood and serving as a monument the many unfortunate fates they've divvied out.

Some are the fearsome Kaors or the legendary Archon's of eld, whom rule their dominion with an iron fist, suffering no disrespect.

But you? You are ---
Neither of those things. Instead, you're this guy.

[Image: unknown.png]
An imp. Lowly, weak, and pathetic in comparison to your bigger brothers.

And you are:
A dreg plucked from the depths of Hel before your torture had truly began. Twisted into this form, your memories have been wiped, you know little else but the fear of the deep.

Have an innate lust for chaos/violence, though you're far more mischievous than actually harmful.

Aren't actually loyal! Beyond your whims in the moment, there's nothing binding you to your summoner besides the fact that the outside world is scary, and she feeds you delicious essence that you need to grow. (And the fact that you'll make her quite cross elsewise. You don't want to be taken across a knee and have your bottom turned red, do you?)

Won't have any special racials!(Sorry!) But you do have the opportunity to grow into a fearsome beast.

Will get a cute sprite!

Act fast, while supplies are still in store. Contact Loopty#4855 if interested. There are
Three Two One. NONE! Slot(s) available.
Cock your ears up, rabbits.
Third and final Very Scary demon selected. Thank you for your interest.

And be sure you pray for the future of your pots and pans.
Cock your ears up, rabbits.
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