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Funded by their respective holdings, the higher representatives of a recognized state can organize expeditions. These have an OOC cooldown of two weeks and cost coin funds, and should generally include a variety of faction members to encourage event participation, but the specifics may vary depending on the context. The expeditions could be used, for example, to organize official arcs for each faction, supporting the goals of the characters within and having a ripple effect of interaction/development beyond.

The more coin you put into the expedition, the better the rewards, generally. It also helps to shape the overall length and intensity of the event. 10,000 coin will get you a standard monster bash encounters lasting an hour or so with unique materials, and 100,000 coin would be more of an epic adventure that could have a duration of up to ten hours. Multiple characters can contribute to paying to the cost of the expedition. Different styles of events have their appeal depending on the interests of the group, of course!

10,000 -  Fast paced, a series of monster battles. Guarantees three unique resources! Estimated duration of 1 hour.
30,000 - Standard event. Varies depending on interests. Estimated duration of 3 hours.
50,000 -  Intense, higher stakes event with greater rewards. Estimated duration of 3 - 6 hours.
100,000 - A grand adventure! Estimated duration of 5 - 10 hours.

These are the current DMs who have pledged to run these events. If you'd like to add your name here and be called on spontaneously with little warning in advance (maybe 5 days at best!!) to host expeditions, please let me know. The event plans aren't going to be heavy since you're likely already experienced enough to prepare appropriately. 


The following can request an expedition, if they've not had one hosted in the past two weeks.
- Osrona
- Fireblooded Temple
- Achyon
- Moxtli
- Starfall
- Shadowmire

Use the template to request an expedition in this thread if you have permission from the leadership to do so. You can also edit/customize the template as desired, as long as the important information is included!


Characters involved? (Not a full participation list since there will be sign ups, but organizers/priority)

Expected Party Size, Estimate: (3 - 12)

Event Summary: (A synopsis of the event, what you know about where you're heading, etc)

PvP Potential? Should opposing faction members be able to appear during the event as enemies?

Main Goal/s: 

Monster Bash (10k)
Standard (30k)
Intense (50k)
Grand (100k)

Preferred DM/s? (Ignore if no preference)

Discord #:
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Nation: Shadowmire
Characters involved? Celicia, Bruno pyr Aertas, Twila Tisa, Torgon, Xian Antirrhinum
Expected Party Size, Estimate: 8-12
Event Summary: After striking a rather costly deal of mutual benefit with the Shadowmire's Leaders, Celicia begins plans at once for a spectacular expedition unlike any other. She intends to lead those of the New World Order along with the monsters who are willing into Gaia's domain to slay the Primordial and claim their power for herself.

It's known that anyone within the respective groups who are willing to brave the journey are welcome, so long as they understand the risks involved.
PvP Potential? Probably not!
Main Goal/s: Killing Gaia and stealing their power, or at least trying to.
Preferred DM/s? Chance/anyone else
Discord #: SleepyDemon#3558
[Image: 5f2c9ac470a517e180c536be000a1b17.png]
I like the request a lot, and it's something I'd be interested in running (assuming I'm not too busy with other events) but reading over the logs and talking with the Shadowmire leadership, they didn't agree to it. So might be some miscommunication there. I may make an exception to it as an independent group if that angle doesn't work out, depending on requests, though.

Although, keep in mind that the high ranking Primordials like Gaia are very hard to kill.
Nation: Osrona.

Characters involved? The Archmagi and Roundtable.

Expected Party Size, Estimate: 8.

Event Summary: Not wishing to leave the Primordial's realm of influence so soon, the Archmagi finalizes the plans for another expedition. The war against the Western Empire is afoot. The Second Dawn Roundtable venture out to the eastern forestlands where a world tree houses Mother Nature. Eleshnora's compass guides them to their destination, the ancient Primordial of Nature: Gaia.

PvP Potential? Yes. Osrona will protect their Primordial from any and all threats.

Main Goal/s: A similar purpose to the original Osronan expeditions; to form a connection with the Primordials and explore Gaia's past/Mythical Era while inheriting her relics.

Intense (50k)

Preferred DM/s?

Discord #: Epoch.
[Image: d6492p7-fbc6dc70-0631-47ec-92c1-b9f0ee99...LNNo8piMTs]

Nation: Shadowmire

Characters involved: Nyxs Children (Smurg/Twila/Torgon/Xian/Nill)

Expected Party Size, Estimate: Upper Limit of 12

Event Summary: With chaos ensuing within Esshar, the Shadowmire come to their Mother Nyx and are given a trial. In return for being her beloved children and gaining her boons, they are sent off on a task. To hunt a known Primordial that stands against her shadow, Eleshnora. (Turns out Eleshnora has already been taken down, since they are in an amulet, so ???)

PvP Potential: Yes

Main Goal/s: Hunt Eleshnora (???), and to be blessed by Mother Nyx. (Which has a specific request attached, but is to be discussed in DMs)

Type: Grand (100k)

Preferred DM/s?

Discord #: Cpt. Prinny#6010
hey are we, the dms, allowed to just dm people to run these or do we have to wait for the chance 'approved!' in this thread. asking in questions yielded nothing. thanks
[Image: 9d47b90d6cb27634f61c18b13cc461a4.jpg]

Nation: Achyon

Characters involved? Marcel Delisle & anyone else who signs up.

Expected Party Size, Estimate: Upper limit of 12.

Event Summary: Ifraheim, the realm of fire - the place of undying flame and spiritual potency unlike any other. To many, this would be a sacred place... but to the Empire, it is the place that hosts unlimited source of fuel; a journey to the legendary Sun Palace, all with intent to acquire the core of the Sun. Such find would no doubt bolster the advancement of the Empire - along with whichever riches they may find.

Equipped with cutting edge Imperial technology meant to protect against hazardous environments, as well as being in possession of Riftmancers within Achyon, they set out to the grand adventure to take limitless magical fuel for themselves.

Should they succeed, the power of the sun will be in the palm of their hand.

PvP Potential? N/A, unless they somehow intercept this.

Main Goal/s: 
• Acquire the "Core of the Sun", unlimited source of fuel (will be used alongside with certain Achyon projects).
• Chiron or Spire Shard(s)?
• Any other dev items/ cool materials.


Grand (100k)

Preferred DM/s? 
Hipster (probably unavailable though)
Any other is fine though - as long as they can take on such big adventure (the ones from the list are the ones I know who could).

Discord #: Boguidance
Sergeant Ignacio will attend the expedition without a doubt!..

[Oh god I forgot to scroll up and noticed this wasn't the regular Event thread.. F]
Nation: Starfall Academy

Characters involved? Starfall Students

Expected Party Size, Estimate: 12-14

Event Summary: The shimmering expanse, a small cave filled with wonders and magic. A perfect place to take students to explore the nature of runes and ores...or is it. Deep in this cave a monster of crystal and ichor is said to lurk in the shadows...waiting for unsuspecting victims to trounce upon.

It is Saga's mission to take this challenge on, to teach her students the need for risk and's time to make a plan!

I decided to turn a former event post into an expedition for starfall since I have the funds for it.

PvP Potential?: No

Main Goal/s: To Collect a significant amount of Ores for the Starfall Academy, and create a special new addition with the ores. To obtain special ores for the project and for the students!

Monster Bash (10k)

Preferred DM/s? No Preference 

Discord #: SaintL#0093
[Image: R99290ab253c3c9edff7e0228f97420d8?]

Nation: The Deep Company, The Mire, Mirates? Mirates.

Characters involved? Blight Reave, Mori Reave, Ridori Reave, Boats Reave, Ariel Cirque, Smurg, Torgon unless he's dead, any interested Mirelings wanting a CURSED ADVENTURE FILLED WITH TREASURE. Me (Maertock Reave) if they force me 

Event summary:

Quote:Two cities. Two kings. It's a saying my brother and I swore upon as mantra in our younger years. It was how we managed to avoid stabbing each other in the back, unless it was for fun. Murtock Reave would be the king of New Atlantis; the star in shining light as he'd always been since our youth. And I, ever in his shadow, would rule below in the cold depths of Kerdanhel. Old Atlantis sunken in shadow. A horrifically dangerous place, the sort of locale that has an almost guaranteed chance of death, damnation, and eldritch mutation.

Now I've got your interest, huh? 

The capital of the ancient Sirenians, the seat of Marendille, the god king and first sovereign of the Sirenia who's mind was sunken by the Deep One's shadow, creating the great schism that led to the dead god's current state. Pinned to the lowest depths of the old capital by the damnedable Trident of Galene. It's former luster must have faded, but the place itself is an asylum for horrific monstrosities, mutants abhorrently rended asunder in flesh and mind. Ancient knowledge, ancient treasure. Oh, and probably less ancient treasure, a lot of people have died trying to get here and had their souls enthralled by its horrific nature. We'll probably need to deal with that too.

But the real treasure? That trident is worth a fortune in more ways than one. With the chiron shard that's been gathering dust in the pantry, a bit of creative deep witchcraft and necrosharksy (trademarked), the dead god of retribution might yet be stirred to hear the whims of the damned and the fallen. The Reef is in cinders, but it was always an idea boys. Merely a bunch of driftwood we cobbled together wherever the Bride landed. You need a new start, this is it.

We set sail for Kerdanhel, or die trying. And there will be much of both.

The once-capital of Kerdanhel, the monolith of ancient sirenian civilization during the epoch of the fall, the schism that shattered the super power of the seas into fragments of its former might with the maddening call of the deep. When the going got tough, the tough got going, and those with very little to lose have everything to gain.

PVP Potential: Unlikely but I mean if Danteric wants to swim down here, no fear.

Main Goal:
To acquire vast amounts of cursed knicknacks for any interested, struggling monsters wanting some dev or treasure. To inevitably breach the abyssal depths where the Deep One's corpse was rumored to lie impaled by the Trident of Galene, and using a chiron and Deep Sorcery to stir it in some manner that is probably bad for the world? A strong likely. Let's poke Cthulu.

Type: GRAND ADVENTURE (100K. If more is needed, no fear.)

Preferred DM's? Kott is good at icons, but there's really no preference beyond probably needing someone like Theori to cross reference lore. 

Discord# Knawlidge and Sanguine415. I'm just here to help him.
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