LorsebThe Tarian Expedition
The Tarian Expedition 
A path to the Dragon of Greed

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Freya Hjarn, after being in the frigid reaches not once but twice already.. decides to partake in a third, even bolder quest to the northernmost ridges of the mountains.

Map in hand, bag full of supplies and some good company is all that is needed in order to pinpoint the path for future expeditions and make it back in one piece. As she intends to gather knowledge about the mountains and accustom oneself even more to the harsh environment of the Tarian mountains!

All in preparation for her and her kin to eventually make the trek to Garjling's lair and finally meet one of the divine three.

Character:  Freya Hjarn

Attendee(s): (4-5) (Anybody with an IC reason to come is welcome!) 
Freya, Ivar, Amara, Alkhea
Tone: Exploration, Adventurous, Lore.
Risks:  Up to DM!
DM:  Searching.
Reward: To be discussed.
Ivar may join!
Amara Bullwark will join!
Alkhea wants to join, seems fun and not dangerous at all.
Caliban is ready for a venture!
Erik is interested in helping with the expedition.
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