LiefDeltoraGlimpse of Optimism - Part 1
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In the desert, a commotion occurs.
Vanirhalla's Aesirheim fleet is preparing for an expedition led by Ivar.
Shield brothers and sisters celebrate Siegmund's decision by partying in the halls of the Aesir outpost.
The roaring sound will announce their departure soon.
Due to the growing population of Vanirhallan in Esshar, most of which are part of the Aesirheim Fleet, Siegmund sees the need for a more suitable settlement to be created. Now, they needed to build defenses and hand over some houses for their members in addition to becoming part of the Esshar's trade route. Siegmund hands Ivar the responsibility of leading a group and part of the fleet to collect resources on the islands near Esshar.
Character: Siegmund Rune
Attendee(s): Siegmund, Ivar and preferably other Vanirhallans. [Limit of 5/6 people]
Tone: Exploration, resource gathering, information.
Risks: Injures
DM: Looking for one !
Reward: To be discussed.
Freya Hjarn will surely accompany her kin on this expedition!
Chaska Ljoss will certainly attend such an expedition with her brothers and sisters.
Caliban Valkyr Captain! Ready to assist!
Achlys will go if wanted.
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