By subscribing to Meranthe, yor account gains various perks such as improved cosmetics and extra inventory space. Our game is entirely free-to-play and these are optional benefits that have funded the project and kept it going strong for over ten years. Subscriptions are automatically processed and instant, type /subscribed to activate it in-game. Your 'key' is the username you log in with to access your account.
Meranthe Subscription
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We also have a Patreon! Subscribing should be for your first choice, but these are extra rewards available for those that wish to support our project further.

Patreon will charge your card or PayPal at the 1st of each month. You can cancel your pledge at any time using the website. After you pledge, please notify Chance via Discord (Chance#5872) to set up your patron role in-game.

Gold Patreon | $10/month
Platinum Patron | $30/month
Platinum+ Patron | $100/month