Chronicles of Esshar is a free-to-play collaborative roleplaying game with realtime, action combat, crafting, hundreds of abilities, guilds, housing, a player run economy, and many of other features that enhance and enrich the focus on storytelling and character development. Our community consists of hundreds of active roleplayers that are the driving force behind the various factions, contributing to the developing narrative of the lore rich world.

It is strictly roleplay, designed with that in mind: The characters age over time, and engaging in conflict has the chance of permadeath. When you roleplay with other characters, you automatically gain EXP and gradually level up. As you contribute to the story (perhaps through a guild or events) you'll also have the opportunity to develop rare abiltiies, defining your character further.

If you enjoy forum RP, tabletops, MUDs, or whatever else, you're bound to enjoy our unique take on an immersive, ever changing world! To play, hit the download button at the top or if you have further questions, join the Discord.

A roleplay taking place within a town. Explore the world to interact with other characters!

The plot is based in Osrona, the capital of the Kingdom of Esshar. Known throughout the continent as the 'Shimmering City', it is considered by many to be the place to be, and has been the subject of envy, as well as admiration, by neighbouring kingdoms over the centuries. Esshar as a whole has not been without their hardships, they are refugees from an ancient land and descendants of the Archmagi Mikhail Petrakis, who defeated the First Witch Amalia, only for their demon offspring to return in vengeance and destroy the Petrakis's homeland many years later. That was over a thousand years ago: your journey begins in the present date where there are fresh challenges to face, despite the great influence the past has.