MagishadowAlchemy Recipes - As of 12-31-2019
Tier 5:
Levitation Potion
Ingredients: Firefly (x2), Sugarcap Mushroom (x2)
"Drinking this will make you float in the air for one hour."
Boost: +5agi

Lumberjack's Aid
Ingredients: Firefly (x3), Sugarcap Mushroom (x1), Poppylus (x1), Acorn (x3)
"For an hour, any tree you hit will give twice the wood per hit for twice the energy."
Boost: None

Tiller's Joy
Ingredients: Sludge (x1), Acorn (x3), Earth Crystal (x1)
"This goopy sludge is a magically enhanced fertilizer, used for assisting crop yields."
Boost: None

Torchlight Potion [LIGHT]
Ingredients: Firefly (x5), Cylion (x2), Acorn (x1)
"Shake the potion and it'll shine as bright as a torch!"
Boost: None

Lax Essence
Ingredients: Venom (x1), Cylion (x2)
"Found on any competent surgeon's shelf; a powerful pain reliever. Effects of temporary injuries are reduced by 50% for 24 hours."
Boost: None

Daemon Food
Ingredients: Earth Crystal (x1), Demon  (x2), Cylion (x1)
"A nutritious blend of occultic energies, bound into an (edible) soft, earthen shard- the perfect snack for a daemon."
Boost: None

Tier 4:
Sleeping Potion
Ingredients: Soothing Reed (x1), Cylion (x2), Water Crystal (x1)
"This'll send you off to a good night's sleep. Energy regained while sleeping is increased by 25% for the next 4 hours!"
Boost: None

Energy Potion
Ingredients: Rabbit's Foot (x2), Sugarcap Mushroom (x2), Lightning Crystal (x1)
"This'll wake you up! Boosts movement speed for the next hour. The effect will wear off if you are damaged."
Boost: None

Vitality X
Ingredients: Poppylus (x1), Earth Crystal (x1), Scale (x1), Steel (x1)
"A bottle of nutritious goodness. This will increase VIT by one stat point."
Boost: None

Agility X
Ingredients: Poppylus (x1), Wind Crystal (x1), Rabbit's Foot (x1)
"A bottle of nutritious goodness. This will increase AGI by one stat point."
Boost: None

Mana X
Ingredients: Poppylus (x1), Water Crystal (x2), Firefly (x2)
"A bottle of nutritious goodness. This will increase MCAP by one stat point."
Boost: None

Power X
Ingredients: Poppylus (x1), Fire Crystal (x2), Firefly (x2)
"A bottle of nutritious goodness. This will increase POW by one stat point."
Boost: None

Lust Potion
Ingredients: Poppylus (x2), Glowing Mushroom (x3), Alessa (x2)
"The consumer will feel intense attract for the first person they lay eyes on, and perhaps even fondness! It lasts for a few (up to consumer) hours."
Boost: None

Jester Juice
Ingredients: Glowing Mushroom (x1), Lightning Crystal (x3)
"The drinker will find themselves pleasantly amused, giggling uncontrollably. Lasts anywhere between two and three hours."
Boost: None

Tier 3:
Genderswap Potion
Ingredients: Glowing Mushroom (x4), Sludge (x3), Water Crystal (x5)
"This reverses the consumer's gender for a year. During this time, the person is completely infertile."
Boost: None

Rage Potion
Ingredients: Sinka (x1), Sludge (x2), Fire Crystal (x2)
"Unbridled anger takes ahold of the consumer. Adrenaline spikes as they lose their focus for 4 hours. (+8% AP, -5% DR)"
Boost: None

Reed Bowl
Ingredients: Soothing Reed (x2), Fire Crystal (x2)
"A pipe full of soothe reed, halves the effect of any temporary injuries taken for 24 hours."
Boost: None

Mana Amnesia
Ingredients: Fire Crystal (x3), Soothing Reed (x2), Glowing Mushroom (x2), Cylion (x1)
"The consumer forgets the technique they're thinking of, and the potion's effect urges the magical circuits to do so the same. Can only work twice per life."
Boost: None

Tier 2:
Ingredients: Lightning Crystal (x1), Soothing Reed (x1), Poppylus (x3), Rope Root (x5)
"A powerful potion that can allow you to reduce one stat by 15 points, moving those points back into spendable stat points."
Boost: None

Crimson Bowl
Ingredients: Crimson Reed (x2), Fire Crystal (x2)
"A pipe full of crimson reed, negates the energy cost of running for 24 hours."
Boost: None

Elixir Of Healing
Ingredients: Water Crystal (x1), Earth Crystal (x1), Amber (x2), Soothing Reed (x1), Fairy Powder (x1)
"A pleasant blue concoction. Drinking this will completely heal all temporary injuries."
Boost: None

Mandrake's Speech
Ingredients: Demon Horn (x5), Sludge (x1), Wind Crystal (x3)
"The voice of the drinker is amplified, booming out loudly whenever they speak. Lasts for 10 minutes."
Boost: None

Invisibility Potion
Ingredients: Luminite (x3), Sludge (x2), Water Crystal (x2), Wind Crystal (x2)
"A potion that turns the drinker invisible, unable to be seen, for an hour. The potion's effects end if dealt damage."
Boost: None

Rejuvenation Potion
Ingredients: Amber (x2), Alessa (x1), Cylion (x1), Fairy Powder (x1)
"A remedy that significantly increases the body's healing process for a few hours. (+100 HP per 3 seconds)"
Boost: None

Ingredients: Nightshade (x2), Venom (x2), Sludge (x2), Water Crystal (x2), Poppylus (x1)
"Formulated by extracting the poison of several ingredients, this blend of bubbling purple liquid is potent enough to drastically weaken magi. It could instantly kill a normal human with a drop. (Incoming damage is increased by 100%, /flee roll is halved)"
Boost: None

Energy X
Ingredients: Glowing Mushroom (x2), Sugarcap Mushroom (x3), Water Crystal (x1), Lightning Crystal (x1)
"A powerful mixture, can increase your maximum energy permanently by 50 (up to 1,500)."
Boost: None

Tier 1:
Ingredients: Sugarcap Mushroom (x5), Alessa (x1), Glowing Mushroom (x3), Demon Horn (x3), Spire Shard (x1)
"The consumer will be put under an absolute charm of the first person's voice they hear. The consumer will follow all commands given, thinking nothing negative of it, nor acknowledging it as unusual. May expire after several years."
Boost: None

White Oil
Ingredients: Rope Root (x2), Alessa (x1), Fairy Powder (x3), Glowing Mushroom (x3), Water Crystal (x2), Spire Shard (x1)
"A careful blend of rare ingredients to produce the ultimate regenerative remedy. When poured onto injured flesh, it restores the limb, what was once there regenerating anew within seconds. If drank, it will restore any permanent damage to the magical circuits."
Boost: None

Liquid Luck
Ingredients: Orchilacum (x10), Rabbit's Foot (x12), Amber (x2), Lightning Crystal (x2), Fairy Powder (x2), Poppylus (x1), Water Lotus Flower (x1)
"A potion that shimmers like gold with white-hot electric bands flowing through it. It is said to bless those that imbibe it with luck untold. The potion remains burning hot no matter the environment, shocking to the tongue when it touches it. Though it is painful and damaging if not handled correctly, it is the real deal.
(+1 to all rolls, including RPBs. -5% DR. Duration of 1 year)"
Boost: None

Potion of Youth
Ingredients: Amber (x2), Alessa (x1), Glowing Mushroom (x2), Demon Horn (x3), Fairy Powder (x10), Water Lotus Flower (x1)
"Reverse the aging process, restoring a number of years to the consumer's lifespan. Continued uses may lead to corrupted mana..."
Boost: None

Tier 0:
Nothing known yet.
New Tier 1 Recipes as of 5/23/20

Alchemy Eyes Potion
Ingredients: Alessa (x15), Glowing Mushroom (x15), Poppylus (x10), Amber (x5), Fairy Powder (x1)
Energy: 100
"Infused with the experience of weathered alchemists, drinking it will imbue you with the Alchemist Eyes spell."
Boost: None

Fizzy Pop
Ingredients: Glowing Mushroom (x5), Sugarcap Mushroom (x3), Water Crystal (x1), Lightning Crystal (x2), Fire Crystal (x2), Fairy Powder (x3)
Energy: 100
"A bubbling, sweet drink of alchemical goodness. (Increses your energy beyond 1,500, up to 2000)"
Boost: None
Mana Amnesia and Blackout are available
Correct Recipe of Mana Amnesia :

Mana Amnesia (Tier 3)
Ingredients: Fire Crystal (x4), Soothing Reed (x3), Glowing Mushroom (x4), Cylion (x2)
Energy: 100
"This 'loosens' the magical circuits and gives a person more flexibility in the weeks to come, allowing them to refine themselves in ways they would not have been able to before. (OOC: Refunds all spells except openers, illegal to use before a battle or mid-fight. Hidden spells are also removed and will need to be given again via a-help.)"
Boost: None
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