MrBongtasticBandits! They took my Daughter!
[Image: thieves-assault.png]
Event Synopsis
A posting lies undisturbed on the Thunderbirds job board, noone knows who set it or when it was put there however they do know one thing.
Whoever posted it needs their help!

Upon closer inspection the note explains that a recently widowed mushroom farmer has been harassed by bandits multiple times,
When refusing to pay them they assaulted him, took his pants and kidnapped his daughter, taking her deep into the mountains where they set up camp.
The farmer dearly wants his daughter back.

Tone:  Adventurous, Rescue mission, Exploration
Risks: Slight chance of injury

Requests: Gold, ores(Mithril, Oricalcum Ect), maybe a fancy amulet or two.

Attendees: Members of the Thunderbirds (4-5)
DM: (Still looking) Message me at MrBongtastic#6713 if you're interested in DMing.

Timeframe: Most likely a tuesday, but can be discussed with whoever wants to DM
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