ChanceMoonfall Village - Friday the 13th
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Quote:There are rumors of disturbing changes within an old valley village, one of many that left Esshar's protection with the rise of the Children of the Woodland religion. This ancient, enclosed area was once a place for druids to gather, worshippers of nature and the land that provides. Lately however, several of the more prominent druids have been lured into the ways of the occult, and some have even began dabbling in the forsaken magic of Witchcraft at the guidance of the more experienced. It has since become a breeding ground for apostates out to learn the taboo, while those that stick to the old ways and respect the natural order live in fear and tension among their new neighbours. 

The Syndicate is believed to have a hand in this. Talk of a Lodestone that can instantaneously teleport members to the underground of Moonfall, and vice versa...

Moonfall Village Arc Begins on Friday the 13th
  • Begins the Moonfall Village arc, and introduces the area. The aim is to provide a surge in new characters to support the objectives of the Syndicate, as well as generate its own plot, with the two headquarters linked by a guild-locked NPC. The roles are Druid: A druid that still abides by nature, Dark Druid: A druid that uses withcraft / the occult, and Apostate: An occultist in training. These will become available for application a little while before the arc, and will begin with an appropiate RPP boost. Expands on the lore of the Children of the Woodland, as well as Withcraft.
  • Introduces the base of Witchcraft:
Quote:Witchcraft requires Essence to cast.
Req. Occult Opener

Coven’s Sabbath: A ritual that enacts a night of debauchery and increases all participating Witch Essence by 1.

Spectral Sight: Glowing spirit eyes. Toggle buff.

Dreamwalk: Asks for a character's name. If the target accepts the scene, both them and the caster fall into a deep sleep, entering the Dreamworld for a time. Requires 1 Essence.

Hex: Anonymously spike a target with visceral, sinful emotions for a time. Grants them a small buff while they carry out the witch's desire (custom message). Requires 1 Essence.

Telepathy: Speak directly into someone's mind.

Essence Steal: With the conclusion of a dangerous battle, gain 1 Essence.
  • Introduces the base of Druid:
Quote:Req. Nature Opener
Mandrake: Summons a nature familiar that temporarily provides aid in battle, up to three at a time.

Growth: Advances a crop state by 1. Costs 100 Energy.
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