TheoriRhoynish Lore Addition: The Summer Festival
The Summer Festival -also known as the Festival of Asena- is a Rhoynish practice that originated as one of Clan Arsali's traditional festivals, and was then accepted as a universal celebration of the people of Rhoynur in 1342 AC, when High Lord Arcturus Arsali ruled the Rhoynish peoples. The Festival itself is dedicated to the Divine Spirit Asena, and is usually a fertility celebration, part of the Rhoynish attempt to derive a blessing to overcome the low birth rate of their people. The Festival may be held any year by any clan, but there is an expectation of an individual clan only holding one once every five years at most. 

The Festival involves singing and dancing, as is common, as well as the consumption of traditional dishes such as roasted Swamp Crellus and drinking Rhoynish mead that is often brewed especially for this purpose. It is traditional at these events to mark one's skin with Rhoynish and Asenite symbols in blue paint, usually derived from mixing several types of mushroom together. Banners surround the festival grounds, marked with the symbol of the clan organising it and symbolism indicative of Asena. Like many festivals, tattooists will provide their services to all regardless of clan for marking attendance or achievements.
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