SmugGodThe Old Manor
[Image: faa1c41b3a021727e498aeeb128d0275.png]
Character: Riley Howard/Smug God#7501
Extra Attendee(s): Anyone from the Thunderbird Company. (Maximum of 4)
Event Synopsis: Greetings, Thunderbird Guild! I hear that my old Family Manor up on the hill's been abuzz with activity recently, lots of lights and people in the windows! Though, my brother and his wife died there a few years back! People are saying it's ghosts, but I don't believe it! I believe some hooligans are playing a trick. I want you to go in and flush them out, you can also have whatever's in the safe in the master bedroom! I could never bring myself to touch it, but Peter would want you to have it for cleaning out his home.
[More than likely, the informant for this job is wrong and there truly is something quite dangerous at work!]

Tone: Creepy, Dangerous and Haunting 

Risk: Chance of Injury, small CoD if the players really, really mess up!

Specific Request: Anything contained within the vault, primarily ore and money, and any other items you think appropriate.

Notes: N/A

DM: I don't mind, this is open!
Tyvra will be going.
My character will be going (if still available)
Zeitan Endore will join.
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