ChanceWeapon Application Template
Custom weapons are items that have a sprite assigned to them which isn't available in-game, set by an admin. If you have a weapon in mind that has significant IC value to your character, such as a family heirloom, then you can apply to give a weapon a unique look (and possibly stats).

These won't be much better than mythril tier weapons, if at all. They'll also be a direct reflection of your characters feats and accomplishes. The more you've done, the better odds of the custom getting bonus stats.

Post the template as a separate thread here

Quote:Contact Information: (Discord)
Character Name:
Current RPL: 

Character Summary & Their Goals: (Summary)
Character Accomplishments / Feats: (Bullet point them)

Item Description:
Desired Stats:
Sprite: (Screenshot / link to .dmi. If you lack one, we can probably find something)
Additional Information: (Optional)
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