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Thunderbirds Are Go!

The Thunderbird repels the evils of the world, stirring up a vicious thunderstorm with each flap of its wings. 

Formed under the ideology of coin and betterment of ones self, the Thunderbird Company acts at the forefront of mercenary services. Despite their recent emergence, they've flown into the public eye as some of the more trustworthy mercenaries, valuing camaraderie and honor above all else. However, one could reference these times as their fledgling years, to build a solid foundation, before soaring to even greater heights!

However, they don't claim to strictly act as a mercenary service. Rather, they're seen as something of an adventuring guild, in which combatants and non-combatants come together to produce something of a brotherhood.

They aren't reclusive in their business, welcoming all manner of people to join under their ranks. With their talons dipped into not only mercenary work, but crafting, business and alchemy, they've received a moderate level of recognition due to their supplied goods to the empire, marked with their guild's insignia. In other words, anyone's welcome to join their ranks, should they show the commitment necessary and a willingness to work with the other members of the Company!

Titles and Ranks

Thunderlord -
The one that sits at the top of the pecking order, the Thunderlord. The Head of the Guild. Acts as both a watchful protector and a negotiator, tackling discussions for jobs that require a more delicate touch. The Thunderlord is decided through a vote every few years through a pool of High Thunderbird nominee's.

High Thunderbird - The crème de la crème, those who have proven themselves as trustworthy, loyal and capable. The High Thunder's act as a triumvir, in which only three High Thunder's may exist at any given time. They act as the primary consultants to the Thunderlord and as leaders on the battlefield.

Thunderbird - The primary bulk of the Company, the Thunderbird's. Trained warriors, seasoned casters and keen minds, many exist within this level, each displaying their own talents and niches. Should one become a Thunderbird, they're accepted into the main-fold and accepted into the Thunderbird's Nest, their Headquarters.

Rookie - The unofficial title of any newcomer to the guild, who's yet to distinguish themselves in any way or received basic training. Though, fret not. A majority aren't rookies for long as it's merely an incubation period for others in the Guild to get to know you, before you're accepted into the team.

Craftsman - The non-combatants of the Thunderbird Company. They exist as a source of income and help to the primary group and are similarly welcomed with open arms. Despite the group primarily acting as something of mercenaries, they could be considered a fledgling company due to the craftsman under their care.

The Guild Law
  1. You shall not injure your fellow Thunderbird, lest both sides agree to the bout. Any violation of this rule will be met with a warning but, depending on the severity, may result in immediate expulsion from the Guild.
  2. You shall not steal from your fellow Thunderbird, from their person or otherwise. Upon being accepted into the guild, you must ask to take items which don't belong to you. If items go missing, there will be a thorough investigation and the perpetrator will be handed over to the authorities with a request of the harshest punishment.
  3. Any serious injuries sustained while on a mission, depending on the severity, will be dealt with via compensation. We care for our brothers in arms and will put our utmost into remedying whatever injury you receive.
  4. Once a Thunderbird has flown the coup and left the guild, if amicably settled, they shall be accepted back at any given time and treated with respect by the member's of the guild. Additionally, should a Thunderbird leave under bad terms, they won't be met with the same respect.
  5. You are not bound to us. You may feel free to travel, pursue your own goals and brave the world, but the Thunderbird Company shall back you and act as support during your journeys. A Thunderbird should always make time to assist their fellow Thunderbird.
Tournaments: The guild may, at times, host a tournament among their ranks. The rewards vary from coin to increases in rank. [As an OOC note, some tournaments may come with a free subscription for the winner!]

Wishing to Join?

Direct your letters to our Headquarters! [The Comment Section Below/PM on the Forums! This will ICly be taken as a letter from your character to the head of the Thunderbird Company.]

Inform us of your;
- Name
- Age
- Background
- Reason to Join
- Contact Details [Discord]

We hope to hear from you soon!

Current Members: 25

For business inquiries, contact our office.
Name: Cydryn Red
- Age: 21
- Background: A young poor Drakanite who wants to learn all there is about the art of fire magic, at the moment he spends all of his time chopping down trees to cut into logs to sell to make some money for food and clothing.
- Reason to Join: To gain money and increase my knowledge of fire magic as well as other magics
- Contact Details [Discord]: King Joseph Kappa#5287
- Name: Neklous Endore
- Age: Young Adult
- Background: Born to the family household of the Endores. 
- Reason to Join: Wishes to learn lightning magic and learn what being a thunderbird is about. 
- Contact Details [Discord] : NightSymphonyxX#3555
Name: Lydia
Age: Teenager
Background: Lydia is a young alchemist living in the district of Messariz. She spends most of her time in the southern forest hunting herbs and chopping wood.
Reason to Join: Lydia wants to improve on alchemy but does not have the necessary resources. That's why she wants to join a guild.
Contact Details [Discord]: Joshua.#9806
Name - Cirice Watts
Age - 15
Background - A young aspiring drakanite earth mage who is normally one to keep herself away from trouble.
Reason to Join - Trying to build more of a backbone, she also only knows a handful of people so theres a more social reason as well.
Contact Details [Discord] - Gunner the Gun#5191
Name: Lukas
Age: Young teenager
Background: An energetic teen currently living in Caelfall. Lukas enjoys making coin and having fun
Reason to Join: Lukas wants to have fun and fill the time. They were urged by those close to them to get involved in something.
Contact Details [Discord]: ry0un0suke#6117
Name. Relius
Age. Young Adult
Background. A straightforward young water mage and artificer currently living around Caelfall
Reason to Join. In need of money and resources to continue his training smoothly, aims to surround himself with people he can rely on
Contact Details. IEatLouis#9703
- Name: Rafa
- Age: 15
- Background: Friendly neighborhood Nature Magi.
- Reason to Join: Invited
- Contact Details: Iocamus#0061
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