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"The ancient house of Astor has been seen as protectors since the refugees of Astya first came to this land. The founders of the family held great pride in being defenders, using their lives to ensure the longevity of those around them. To ensure their lives were not traded, many children born under the banner of House Astor - be in directly into the bloodline, or into a close vassal family that has pledged, are taught to hold and use a sword before they are taught how to read. Of course, as one of the Three Great Houses, this does not mean that the Astor are uneducated in any way, simply that they find more merit in their actions rather than within their words."

You are the child of the late Lightbringer Serea lux Astor, as well as the former Radiant turned wanted outlaw, August lux Astor. The youngest sibling of King Alexander Petrakis II, you have been under the care of your aunt, Ceria ven Astor. As a member of the prestigious house of Astor, as well as the child of Serea, you have been groomed to be both the next head of house Astor, as well as join the Order of the First Light, to act as the blade of the Osronan people. 

Despite war, and whatever may come of it, your path forward remains clear. House Astor has produced numerous Lightbringers over the years, including your late mother. A name to live up to, extreme pressure placed upon both your success at home and on the battlefield. 

The common people look to the protectors of the realm in this time of strife, to the youthful child of their late Lightbringer to make the hard choices. Upon reaching maturity, you have been given a letter addressed to you from your late mother- who most definitely had foresaw herself dying on the battlefield.
Quote:I have not been the most loving of mothers, not now and not before. If you are reading this, then I have met my honorable end protecting the sanctity and safety of our people. Your life ahead is not one of selfishness and personal ambition, but of selflessness and honor.

You are charged with protecting the people, to lead house Astor in a turbulent era stricken with grief and loss. Never forget who you are, my child, as the blood of the great people of Astya runs through your veins, the blood of the famed dragon slayer- Ersen Astor, courses through your very being. 

I will not be there to bandage your wounds, nor will I be there to offer advice in your greatest time of need. But I intend to watch from above, I intend to see the just, honorable person you develop to be. Follow your heart, be honest, and never forget the words which I have held close for years- actions, rather than words.
Keeping true to self, she left few words in her letter. Now reaching maturity, you are free to pursue your own path, despite the pressure to become a knight and follow in the footsteps of your ancestors. With war breaking out all over Esshar, it is you now who will be forced to make the hard decisions. To learn, to lose, and to persevere. 

Just who will you become?

With the IC explanation out of the way, I'd like to clarify that the child will be playable on the year of 1743 AC, which is roughly 9-10 days from now. You will be expected to write a noble PC application in the roles section of the forum, which can be found here. However, you first need to clear the child with me directly, and I am open to receiving and discussing ideas over Discord at Simple#1593.

We can further discuss other details there! As it stands, I am only looking to accept ONE child, but a maximum of two. Though this would be entirely up to the application team once you okay it with me personally.

I look forward to hearing from interested parties! Also credit to Drea for that killer name image at the beginning, as well as the lore write-up for house Astor, which can be found in the approved lore section of the forums.
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