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Bereshtán Mine-Guard

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Quote:Quote: Th'mines at Silverwall have sat undefended fer far too long. We cannae pass a year without bandits'r worse preyin' on folk making the trek T'the very mines that are Th'lifeblood O'Theria. N'more, we cannae even know who all is usin' them! How many Therians 've died on blades made with Therian steel, because we dinnae even keep an eye upon our own lands! - Urist


Having long complained of the lack of defenses on the Silverwall Mines, Urist has decided to pay for defenders out of his own pocket, with the blessing of Rinn to recruit those who are fighting fit to protect the mines that are Theria's primary source of income. Recruits who wish to join of Non-Therian origins must be willing, and able, to relocate to Theria.

All guards will recieve a paycheck, though a modest one, funded by Urists own pockets. Furthermore, members of the Mine Guard can ask to receive equipment crafted by Urist.

Yearly Salaries are as follows.
Rank                   RPL                    Pay
Lamcubor          100 or below          50 crown 
Delerezar              150-199            125 Crown
Berezar               150-199            250 Crown
Delerrithol                 200+              1000 Crown

Either seek out Urist in Theria, or at the mines.
Discord: Enginseer-42#5209 to set up a scene.
Due to a sudden increase in funding, the salaries at the upper end of the payscale have been adjusted.
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