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A formal letter made into an announcement for the people of Osrona to see as no secrets were kept in this town, but also, finding it necessary to get the opinion of all those actively involved in the growth and everyday life of Osrona. From the many commoners and allies who support the ascension for the Sanctum to become nobles, to those who oppose them. This is nothing more than a simple Public Request of Hearing. 

Quote:"Dear leaders and fellow members of the council. I come to you, humbly today. For the purpose of a proper hearing, so that you may hear my request and consider it with a collection of open minds. And if trials are needed to obtain the end goal, we as the house of Sanctum, will accept all task and observation.

The Family I hail from, Sanctum. Has honorably served this town for as long as I can remember. Slaying both demons and purifying the occult, there has been no face so brave and so willing to dive into the fires of hell. I say this once more, and I mean it so. The faces of Sanctum are quite prominent, and in most cases, they are the leading faces of our community, helping guide the youth and train those inexperienced with magic.

I have seen Fleur educate many and connect hearts by the dozen. I have fought with Akiko in order to protect others. I have heard legends of the battle between Cassius, Fleur and the Syndicates. I am aware that it takes much more than valor and wisdom, perhaps even coin, but please. With your experience and cunning, consider our house. As we desire that the council, on this day, grant us Nobility."

-Reno S. Sanctum, Year 1684

The Following are letter attachments. Proposals & Statements from the family.
Quote:As she composed herself with the upstanding hope she carried for all of Osrona and the family she's come to know and love as her own. So many people.. So many kind and loving faces to look after. All coming together to achieve something of greatness throughout history.

Fleur spoke with the conviction and dedication she had in her tone every single time she would state her resolve. This was no different.

As a member of the Church.

As a member of the Ivory Aegis.

Finally a member of the very Order itself she would make this request.

"I Fleur Volonte' Sanctum. Humbly request upon further look over my actions for the well being of Osrona. For nobility. With all accounts of fighting against high ranking members of the Syndicate to protect it's people. To fighting Demon's that threatened to consume it's people in darkness. Giving back to it's people as a Mentor of two of the Magical affinities of renowned divine aspects. Holy and Cosmic Magic."

Fleur would pause for a moment before continuing to speak.

"My very existence in this world from the day I heard of the Order was for Osrona and It's people. I as no more than a commoner to a Knight before you now all within the years past.. Your Highness, Queen Petrakis. I a resident of Osrona. A Knight of the Order. Your sword and living shield to sacrifice my life for as well as to any of it's people within. Myself and those of my family have the same will and resolve to do that which will only enrich Osrona as a whole."

Fleur took a brief moment to think as her eyes narrowed. Her emotions welling up inside her. Everything she wanted to express... she would feel happiness and joy for serving Osrona until the day she would die either by battle in the Queen's Name. Or dying by old age she would instill within her ancestors this same very belief.

"I cannot express in words my will to do anything more than I can show in action. Whether it be slaying Demons of known proportion or a great deed to remain in history for those in future generations. As a family. We as a whole. The Sanctum name through me by right and blood. Give my very being in consideration to be something that can shine it's Light for her Highness. To become a beacon of light to pave way to those of Osrona to see the greatness in this city that I have seen. I wish to lay down for future generations and beyond something they can follow and will feel pride in. Serving the queen and protecting the people of Osrona until it's final breath."

She would stop. Closing her eyes for a moment before sharply and quickly looking up towards the sky.

"That is my request."

-Fleur Sanctum, 1684, Osron

Quote:Aria Arborea, formerly Aria Sanctum, knelt before Fleur, head bowed and voice clear to all who would hear. 

"Let it be heard by all who will listen. Under the revealing light of Osrona, to be seen by the common folk, nobles, and royalty alike. I, Aria Arborea, head of my family name pledge that our blood is as Sanctums. Though our paths have split, our goals are alike, and our roots are intertwined. We pledge that in times of plenty, we will aid Osrona in building upon its grandeur. We pledge that in times of war, Arborea will stand with Sanctum and all others as a bulwark to protect this holy city from all who would harm it."  She fell silent for a moment, allowing her pledges to clear the air before continuing.  "Arborea as it stands and as it grows pledge to the crown our fealty, to Sanctum our allegiance, to the people our blood. Let none who bear our name ever give reason to doubt our commitment to Osrona and every stone in it."  Silence again reigned until she spoke one final time.  "May Osrona live forever."

Aria Sanctum

Quote:The Otho's gaze drifted between his student and those gathered; Someone he'd taught Holy magic to long, long ago who'd garnered more than enough prowess in her magics now. Attuned to a red star, one who'd even developed a way to shield others from harm with the use of Holy magic alone. It was something he wished to attain one day himself, but... Well, that would be told in time. With a slow nod towards Fleur he'd eventually speak up himself. "I've worked alongside the Pelleauxs since I was roughly... Fifteen or so I believe. I've traded blows with Occultists, Demons, and Witches alike all in support of the noble Pelleauxs. As I look to the Sanctums I see the same drive within them-- A determination to protect Osrona and to provide them with a brighter future no matter the cost." There's a soft pause before he continued; Cassius's arms slowly crossing against his chest. A soft smile pulled across his lips at thoughts of Fleur perhaps even becoming a noble herself.

-Otho Cassius 

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