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The Sanctum of Osrona

In today's time. The Sanctum strives for nobility within the land of Osrona. A family of many types of people as well as many forms of magic. From Scholars to talented fighters of the Ivory Aegis. This family seemed to of gathered most of its fame during the years of 1683, just before the New Era Welcoming festival. Known for hunting down the occult and bringing justice to those demons who terrorized the place they call home. Over the years, they've proven to be more than a loyal ally to the people of Osrona, even though some members of the family have wandered off in search of either wisdom or satisfaction from the world. They will and have always, showed a positive response to the call of aid from their family back home.

The Sworn Member Act -Lead by Fleur Sanctum, this was the act of which a blood member of the family would seek out worthy individuals to join the powers of Sanctum as a sworn member of the family. Though these members were not blood-related, they were all welcomed, taught, trained and treated as if they were part of the family and not just an extension of the Sanctum surname. This includes members such as Mercenary Akiko Sanctum. Scholar of the Ivory Aegis, Reno Sinclair Sanctum. As well as Aria Sanctum who eventually married into the family of Alvin Multhunder, strengthening the bond, increasing the family's pursuit of nobility within Osrona.

But who is Fleur? Who are the Sanctum? She was a magi, of course, empowered by three divine affinities of Magic at such a young age with the drive to seek out each one and learn them for the betterment of herself and those around her. Holy, Cosmic, Light Magic used to protect everything that she believes in and fights for. Fleur is ready to finally shine the way for those to follow. 

The Sanctum Light (W.I.P Google Docs, Must be obtained through IC.)

A Tome kept deep within the security of the family and passed down for generations to come. A book that gives certain hints and guidance to the youth in pursuit of their own light or rather, abilities not commonly found in the outside world. 
Within the tome contains many secrets which include chapters:
Chapter 1: Arts of the Holy
Chapter 2: Essharian Map
Chapter 3: Guidance of the Ivory Aegis, way to Kraus
Chapter 4: Foundings of the Scholar, Guild of the Golden Flame
Chapter 5: Our Allies The Multhunders 
Chapter 6: Family Traditions 
Chapter 7: Path Into The Cosmos
Chapter 8: Arts of Time, The Passage of Chronos
Chapter 9: Way Of Light
Chapter 10: Fleur, The Crimson Queen Of The Red Star 
Chapter 11: The Sanctum's Mortal Constellation
Chapter 12: Blank Pages Of The 50 Year Period
Chapter 13: Fire
Chapter 14: Medical Research
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Name: Terèse Sanctum

Age: 22

Village of Origin: Osrona

Summary: Born to a merchant branch of the Sanctum family, Terese is a potent Nature Magi, Artificer and Alchemist. At age 21 she fled Osrona while the city was sieged by the Teraphim. She fled to Nysea with the rest of the refugees, her parents slaughtered in the ensuing chaos. This situation made her loyalty to the Petrakis family certain, and fuelled her abject hatred of those that sided with the invaders. She wishes to eventually reclaim the City of Light once more, and use her many skills to aid the true Empire of Esshar. Terese wants to be the saviour her people need, to show them how justice should be done.

Race: Human
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