VolatileSome Quality of Life Changes.
because of corona im literally neckbeard life rn so i dont care, can we get some actual job people on here to opine?
Your corona vacation will end, and then you too will have to go back to being a wage slave instead of a 1 rpp per hour eternia slave
Maybe at rpl 100-150. At 50 it's a bit jarring to see 15 ---> 3. Then for three hours? I personally don't care for rpp gains. I'll rp regardless but that shit. I was doing it at 200-220. I think that shift in gain rate should be moved. Not removed entirely, I can see the pros of it.. but not at rpl 50.
yes, 3 was a little too slow, mostly because it'd take people too long to reach the 100+ bracket where things begin to level out a little. hopefully at 5 the pacing is all right

i'd expect someone that played for the day with the current levels of interaction to comfortably hit 20+ rpp now, and either approach or exceed 100 within a few days
Not really feeling this whole 3 hour check thing.
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