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"The sun was blotted out by black ash, and the air was on fire. We watched as our great city was rocked by tremors and collapsed around us, but we fought. We fought and fought. Until the demons were forced back into their storybooks, monsters and myths for mothers to scare their children to behave with. That was over fifty years ago... and it changed the world forever."

The year is 1730AC.... the past fifty years were eventful: The Reckoning of Great Dragon Garljing, the decline of the Essharan empire, and the coming of Aschea.

The country was in a state of recovery from the attacks of the Elysium Coven and the demonkind, the last battle between the people and the creatures of the night having taken place directly in Osrona, where the demons harnessed a ritual that spread concentrated plague lands throughout the city, turning stone to rust. The defenders, while victorious, lost much of Osrona to the attack and hundreds of thousands of more were killed.  Following this event, the impact sent ripple effects that would motivate opportunists to declare independence during the turmoil, with much of the country no longer unified.

This gradual decline led to the rise of independent kingdoms, and all was at risk when the Empire of Barsburg attacked. After settling into a ceasefire with its longtime enemy, the Empire of Aen, the expansionist nation set its eyes on the entirety of Esshar.  One by one, territories fell to the invaders and those that remained had to fight tooth and nail to force them back, losing lives and wealth in the process.

Many blamed the unwillingness of Theria and Osrona to ally against the threat, and Myllenoris for doing all but nothing - likely because at the time the King of Osrona had made it clear that he didn't trust the Teraphim, who he saw as invaders from another realm, having felt disrespected by them and looked down upon for being 'human'. Theria had also been responsible for attacking and pillaging the minor territories that Myllenoris safeguarded. Despite their reasonings, the war was indisputably  catastrophic for all.

Several prominent Dragonlords of Theria died. The Petrakis King, Aristidis Petrakis, also died in battle, leaving the young, inexperienced heir as the monarch, and the Lightbringer was dealt grievous wounds that forced him into an early retirement.

Each of the Three Kingdoms look upon one another with warranted suspicion. Occasional conflict on the borders was all but guaranteed, but not outright war. Yet.

Factions & Starting Points
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Osrona, the Shimmering City
The renowned capital of Esshar, the home of the Petrakis nobility and the Order of the First Light. The base of the dwinlding Essharan empire, all eyes of the people are on the young Petrakis heir after the death of their father (who was considered especially inept), the Knights, and the Church of the Faith in these trying times.
Expanded Lore

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Theria, the Kingdom of Dragons
Since Garljing the Red took his place in the mountains of Theria, the north has been populated with his children and many Drakanites. With a number of Warlords and Dragonlords, many look to their next steps. The most ambitious simply look to the south and wish to take it all for themselves.
Expanded Lore

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Myllenoris, the Kingdom of Vanaheim
Born with insight and a keenness, the Teraphim often considered themselves the ones who should lead humanity. Their ties with the outside world are in dire straits, however, leaving them particularly isolated.  Their influence on the world will surely be tremendous, and they must make the difficult choices going forward.
Expanded Lore
Role applications are now open! This begins on the 28th of March, a Saturday. 
You can apply using the sub-forum

  • Radiant Knight: You are one of many captains aiming for the prestigious position of Lightbringer, the General of the First Light's army after the prior Lightbringer had to retire. 
  • The Stellus (1): The head of the Church. 
  • Priest (3): You are a priest of the Church, with as much authority as a Knight. The background of the priests vary; some consider themselves sworn swords to a higher cause, others charity workers, but many are educated in the ways of witch hunting and exorcism. (Priests & above begin with the 'Blessing' ability, which allows them to provide a light stat boost to another for a temporary amount of time)
  • Petrakis Heir (1): You're the young King / Queen of Osrona and its many respective territories. Your ascension to the throne was unexpected and early, and you'll likely be followed by advisors...
  • Petrakis Nobility: A relative to the King / Queen. A younger sibling, a cousin, an uncle, etc.
  • Nobility: Not a direct relative to the Petrakis family, but a noble all the same. 
Please read:

  • Warlord / Dragonlord: The leader of a small (or large, depending) band of men. You might be one of the Drakanites that reside within Theria, in which case you'd call yourself a Dragonlord, claiming 'nobility' in Theria through strength alone. The Warlords are often human, but their race can vary.
Please read:

  • High Lord: The established leader of both the Kingdom of Myllenoris as well as the head of the Valeborne. The High Lord is ordinarily one who is in harmony with the spirits and wears ceremonial robes of black and white.
  • Mistseer: Advisers to the High Lord. The Mistseers are normally seen wearing silver colored clothing and are often delegated responsibilities by their ruler. Usually the Greycloaks and the citizenry will report to a Mistseer before seeing the High Lord.
  • Greycloak: The entry level ranking of the Valeborne. The Greycloaks act as both the kingdom's primary security as well as its lesser clergy.
  • Teraphim

Please read:

Other roles:
  • Elder: A survivor, an elder from the times above. This should be an existing character that held some prominence before the timeskip. Keep in mind that you begin with age nerfs (-10% DR). 
  • Witch: An acolyte of the Dark Lord that has his blessing. You're likely well aware of the exploits of the Elysium Coven, and have your own agenda to pursue. You may begin in any city. Read this blurb: 
    Witches also no longer require Occult Magic to learn witchcraft.
  • Rhoynish: The people of Rhoynur are noted for their stunning yellow eyes and their gift for magic, growing stronger rapidly though battle.  See
  • Demonkind: Your favored hunting grounds will likely be the wilds.
We'll be going live on Saturday, 6PM EST (that's today in most places!). Here is the change log of the update.

Map: Most of the map has been completely reworked and improved, including the three cities, thanks to Avee & Milly. There are now clearly defined travel routes to promote interaction, and the size is more appropriate with a focus on detail.

Spell Tree: There is now a spell menu that displays all public trees and their abilities, moving away from the tome system for open content. Screenshot!

Teraphim Race
Essence Strike: Teleports 10 tiles in front, dealing heavy damage to the enemy if they're in the path.
Crystal Heart: For 15s, the caster gains 5% AP and heals 3x power every 3s.
-10 discount on Crystal Magic
Skin colors include pale silver, green, blue, and red.

Rhoynish Race
Rhoynish Passive: This grants 5 Vitality & doubles the AP gained from Dangerous/Deadly RPBs.
Battle Cry: Cleanses debuffs & grants immunity to debuffs for 10s. Adds a movement fade with 150 alpha for duration.

Addition: Mana Amnesia now refunds all spells aside from tree openers, and has been re-added to Alchemy. This potion replaces admin refunds.
Blackout potions have also been re-added after a bug fix.

Addition: Adds bows, rifles, katana, and whip sprites to blacksmithing customization options.

Change: Being younger than 18 is now just a flat -10% DR, and being older than 50 is still -1% DR each year, except it caps at 60 years old / -10%. May change in the future, but the system of age being such a massive decider in fairly niche cases didn't seem sensible. Now it's still heavy but not as outright debilitating.

Fix: /setspawn now works, which changes your spawn point to the tile you're standing on. Only use this on the overworld / not inside.

- Slight buff to Wild Nature. (Beastkin)
- Various changes to Armed / Unarmed. The openers are 25 RPP instead of 20. (Armed & Unarmed)
- Spectral Sight is no longer a part of Witchcraft. An AP buff didn't really belong there. (Withcraft)
- Descerated Lands and Holy Ground's tile damage decreased by 1. (Occult & Holy)
- Sear has been added as a public intermediate, replacing Scorch.  Toned down slightly. (Fire)
- Prism Beam's CD adjusted to 30s.  (Light)
- Scattering Lights is now the opener instead of Lightspeed. (Light)
- Riptide no longer requires Water Whip. Just attunement, like other specs. (Riptide)
- Glacier is now a public intermediate. (Ice)
- Crimson Vapor is now a public intermediate. (Blood)
- Scarlet Darts range increased from 7 to 10, as well as the damage. (Blood)
- Tesla beam's damage reduced to 15. (Plasma)
- Plasma strike's damage has been reduced. (Plasma)
- Growth and Mandrakes are now public. (Nature)
- Ingrain now costs 15 and is an intermediate. Deadly Bloom is a basic spell instead. (Nature)
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