MillySalis Noble Kid(s)?
Hey there. You wanna be cool and be a noble? Have awesome parents who are both still totally alive? Here are the deets.

Father - Eustace lux Salis
Born and raised in Sudbury, joined the Order (against his will), and became an Exarch.
Used to eat sand. May still do so.
Pro Time Lord that uses sand. Has clocks for eyes sometimes.
He would have played with you a lot in a room filled with sand (yes, it's an actual thing)
Racist against Rhoynish. To a public degree. Imagine a white man flying a confederate flag.

Mother - Erika cos Salis
Born and bred noble. Joined the order, became an Exarch.
Does not eat sand. She prefers sweets and scones.
Utilizes holy magic, shadow magic and illusion magic. Also has a cool whip.
Overly nice.
She would have played with you often but in a more clean environment.
Racist against Rhoynish. Keeps her racism more private.

The gist:
You can go whatever magics you want, but obviously if you want training in the above mentioned ones, we got you. Maybe Hipster will log in to teach you time magic. Maybe you can get time eyes (I have no idea, do not hold me to this please)
If you wanna join the Order impress your mother first thanks.
You will have had a well adjusted noble bred background and childhood. Happy memories! Well educated and generally allowed to do what you wanted to a degree.
You would have often visited Berrios (a Knight in the Order), and/or Juri, a butler with the Grimmore household.
You can be male or female, doesn't matter.
We may accept more than one? Unsure.
You will be available to play 1685AC. Maybe a year or two earlier, it doesn't matter that much.
Sometimes your dad stared off into space watching different timelines. Please be patient, he has autism.

Read up on the Salis lore here.
Apply to be a cool noble eating sand child here.
[Image: unknown.png]
These have been selected. Thank you for participating in the yearly hunger games! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°
[Image: unknown.png]
Didn't even last a month \o/
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