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Contact Information: Doohl#5701
Character Name: Teodor Hargrave
Age: 34
Current RPL: 221

(FAIR WARNING: This may be a long one... since it's been more than a month since the last app, and I am trying to justify the reward at the end. A lot has happened!)

The Story

(Continued from

Some years ago, Teodor Hargrave, Commander of the Thunderbird Company, lead his guild to Theria to seek new contracts; fame for his guild. His primary goal for most of his life was to bring his guild to the forefront of Esshar. His dream was to perpetuate the idea that Riley Howard, before him, set in stone: close-knit band of mercenaries that take on daring contracts and improve both themselves and the world, little by little. To be the most revered and respected Guild in the kingdoms. Influence. Power. Respect.

Things didn't go so smoothly.

Quote:(1) "I am Teodor Hargrave, Commander of the Thunderbird Company." (

The Thunderbirds' first face-to-face with Tanya Weiss and Sarasha Fenrir, two of the three original Warlords of Theria. They are met with hostility when they first arrive, and initially lay down an ultimatum to dismantle the Thunderbird Company, at least temporarily. Teodor resists, and a battle of words ensues. Ultimately, Teodor remains in command of his company. But it's clear that relations between the Osronan guild and the Therians are going to be extremely shaky. He's going to need to make some sacrifices if he wants to stay in Theria with his Company.

Teodor has no idea what he's gotten himself, and his unwitting Thunderbirds, into.

The so-called "Theria Operation" would prove the Thunderbirds' undoing. At first, they had difficulty gaining the existing Warlords' trust. They were, after all, coming straight from Osrona. Their arrival is poorly-received. Few Therians trust them or even desire to openly deal with them. All save for a man only known as "Murphy", a Therian information broker and spy. The Thunderbirds had many Knights of the First Light among their ranks; after all, they were primarily an Osronan guild. The lack of trust was not unwarranted. Teodor worked tirelessly with the Council, assigning his people to the other Warlords, ensuring a mutual trust could be established so that the Thunderbirds would be allowed to stay, and his own seat of power in the Council secured. Teodor was fine with bad-mouthing his old Order friends, and the city that had made him as powerful as he was now. The Therians seduced him with their hopes of freedom, independence and neutrality. After all, Teodor had left his own home country, Usurg, in search of freedom. 

He'd killed to find freedom, though he swore never again to do so.

Quote:(2) The 1st New Therian Congress ([/url]

The new Therian Council assembles for the first time, the Thunderlord among the attendees. Teodor is accompanied by his newfound political advisor, Murphy; a shady Therian spy with his own dark agenda and motives.

Murphy's counsel is useful, and he provides many interesting secrets, whispers to Teodor that help him navigate the Council meetings. However, bringing him to the Council meeting proves somewhat problematic, as Murphy takes initiative to push his own opinions and talk over the Thunderlord, despite just being a guest.

The council debates over what to do regarding a recent incident with an Exarch, and begin making plans to secure their independence from Osrona. At the same time, the terms of the Thunderbirds' tenure at Theria are further hashed out.

What does Teodor have to sacrifice to stay in Theria? With Murphy's help, he uncovers the darkest secrets of Theria.

Many among the council are in bed with the Syndicate. They openly fraternize with Occultists and Witches that once, Teodor had called his enemies. Many in the Thunderbirds still held their old ties to Osrona, like Knights Dillion and Holly, and Captain Shrike. As Theria begins to draw its allegiances in the world stage, the Thunderbirds and the rest of the Therian leadership become at odds. Conflict is stirred when Dillion Endore, Thunderbird and Knight of the First Light, is murdered by Sajid. Next, is Kelly Kirk, a member of the City Watch, along with his wife.

Yet, Teodor cannot simply challenge Sajid to honor duel and be done with it, as it would further strain his relationship with the council. Rather than avenge his subordinates, he chooses to ignore it. Even go so far as to rationalize their deaths. This begins Teodor's descent into an accessory to terrorist cells, occultists, witches, syndicate agents, murderers. This strains his mental state. Eventually, the topic of Holly Hargrave comes to the stage. Being a prominent Knight of the Order, her presence in Theria is hotly debated. The issue nearly comes to blows at one point.

Quote:*(3) Standoff between Holly, Teodor, Sarasha and Tanya (

After another Council meeting regarding recent hostilities at the gates of Theria with the Knights of Osrona, tensions between the remaining Knight-Thunderbirds and the Therian Warlords mount. There is a breaking point when Holly is threatened by Sarasha and Tanya before Teodor.

They demand that Holly choose between life as a mercenary and life as a Knight. This questioning of Holly's identity sparks an internal crisis in Teodor's own mind. He suffers another personality meltdown as the argument threatens to erupt into a physical confrontation. Things de-escalate before a fight breaks out, but Sarasha and Tanya both bare first-hand witness to Teodor's identity disorder. From here on out, they begin to question whether Teodor is sane enough to operate as a Warlord of Theria.

"I won't be leaving. Nor will Teodor." - Teodor Hargrave

Eventually, Teodor and the Thunderbirds gain Theria's full trust. His seat on the Council is secured in full. He tries to steer Theria away from Moonfall and the impending threat of the demon incursion, but he can't stop it. The demons come. He can only accept it, fraternize with them. The Syndicate, Witches, Occultists, and all manners of foul people invade the council and are permitted free reign in Theria. Things seem to be collapsing all around him. He loses more of his guild in this period... but, eventually:

Holly Hargrave falls in battle, and the penultimate chapter in Teodor's life comes to a close. Holly was an essential aspect of his waning personality, and now that she's gone, he enters a dark place in his mind.

Quote:*(4) A Chapter Ends: A New Chapter Begins, in the wake of two deaths (

Teodor returns to Theria after a brief trek to Moonfall. Outside of Sarasha Fenrir's home, he finds the desecrated corpse of his sister, Holly, and Proteus standing before it, knife in hand. Teodor demands to know who's responsible. His psyche begins deteriorating almost immediately.

Proteus insults Holly, which prompts Teodor to enter a fit of rage. With his final words being "I'm sorry," to Proteus, he suddenly attacks him and severely wounds him in the process. Teodor secures Holly's body from any further desecration, and at last breaks down next to her corpse.

On this day, both Holly Hargrave and Teodor Hargrave died.

"Her name is Teodor Hargrave." - Teodor Hargrave

Quote:(5) Leaving Theria (

Immediately following the fight with Proteus, Sarasha, Tanya, and a group of demons enter the scene. They question Teodor, and at last, Teodor surrenders his seat on the council to his Captain, Lukas.

He leaves Theria, to bury Holly, and never returns.

Teodor buries Holly in a meadow near Moonfall, and begins to wander the Essharan wilderness for a day after attacking Proteus. He is conflicted on what to do next. Where to go. He's chosen to abandon the place that he's spent years trying to build up trust in. After all, they harbor demons and occultists, and a demon killed his Holly.

He makes his mind, soon enough. Teodor Hargrave decides that he must kill every demon in Esshar to make sure that another good person like Holly doesn't die, or be killed himself.

He heads for Osrona. A risky move, considering he's still recognized as a Therian Warlord, presumably an enemy to Osrona. Yet, he enters the city nonetheless, and makes for the park. There, he encounters Radiant Elijah Soleis. He surrenders himself before him, fully ready to die at his hand. But, he's spared, and given a new purpose.

Quote:*(6) Kristen's Punishment (

Teodor is dead. Only Kristen, the original personality, remains. He speaks with Elijah Soleis, kneeling before him, expecting the death sentence for his treasons against Osrona. To Kristen's surprise, Elijah chooses to spare his life. He's given the task to hunt and kill demons as punishment for his crimes. Teodor gladly accepts this mercy as a chance to honor Holly and Teodor.

His new purpose in life is clear. He will exterminate every demon he can.

At first, Teodor decides to do this more or less alone. He patrols the wilds around Osrona and Messaris. He encounters a few demons, but he's never able to capture or kill them. Usually, he sees demons attacking other people in the streets of Messaris. He happens upon the Church during a Blackwatch meet, and elects to join them to help them in their fight to exterminate demons.

It is this decision that leads him to the Church, one fateful day, when the forces of Darkness decide to attack. Him, and a few others present in the Church at that time, defend it, but ultimately fail to prevent its sacking. There, he meets and fights the demon that slew his sister, Versail.

Quote:(7) Defending the Church: Versail ([url=]

Kristen encounters and fights Versail, the Serpent Lord. He unleashes the fury of his mastery over air and lightning magic combined.

The storm.

He attempts to question Versail, but is forced to flee from the encounter after being bitten and injected with some form of deadly venom.

"A man I defeated in battle told me... Holly Hargrave! A Knight of blonde hair! He told me that a demon with snaked eyes took her life. What do you know about this?!" - Kristen

Some time later, Kristen patrols the southern borders of Messaris, looking for the Demon that told him he would find him in the forests nearby. He doesn't encounter Versail, but instead, three powerful demons preying on weak travelers. Outnumbered, outmatched, what can Kristen do but stand his ground?

Quote:(8) Kristen vs. Frenerid (and Veles + M'ousse) (

Three demons: Veles, Frenerid and M'ousse. Two seem like they would pose an enormous threat alone. All three could probably lay a minor siege to Osrona all on their own. Yet, all the same, Kristen, alone, must stand against them. He has sworn to kill every demon in Esshar, or die by their hand.

He attacks Frenerid and is left horrendously defeated. As consequence, Kristen receives a venomous bite to the neck. It inflicts a permanent, debilitating curse upon him. He's forced to flee before the other two can support Frenerid and capture him.

He swears that he will kill Frenerid as he leaves.

"I'll kill you... Just like I KILLED TEODOR!" - Kristen

Eventually, Kristen is forced to seek out an old friend, Robin, for medical assistance. Robin implants an anti-magic device that Kristen devised to dis-spell the curse. It does its job, but Teodor can still feel the effects of the White Serpent inside of him. He can feel pain every time he's near the serpent.

He eventually does encounter him again, and is once more defeated, after he has a mental episode that lets Frenerid get a surprise attack in before Kristen has time to react.

Slowly, Teodor emerges back again, little by little. He seeks out Radiant Valero and Exarch Nerin for opinions on his desire to form and lead a military organization to better extinguish the demonic threat.

Quote:*(9) A talk with Radiant Valero and Exarch Nerin (

Kristen speaks with Valero and Nerin, requesting opinions on some ideas and thoughts he's had in his mind. He wants to continue fighting demons for Osrona, but he recognizes that his strategy of going out into the wilds alone to hunt has proven fruitless. Defeated time and time again by the demons, he believes that he needs to form an organized military outfit to combat the threats near Osrona's borders better.

He pitches the idea of joining the Order (even if not directly) to lead some people. Nerin and Valero, rightfully so, are skeptical of the idea and shoot it down.

However, they push him to the path of joining the Order as a Cadet, even if it's unorthodox to allow in someone who's previously been aligned with the enemy. This, however, has given Kristen a new purpose to work toward.

Goals / Plans

Teodor, now, wishes to either join or assist the Order of the First Light to eliminate the demonic threat that's gained foothold in Esshar. Driven largely by what was said to him by Elijah, Nerin, and Valero, he's found a new meaning beyond the Thunderbirds. He wants to lead again, one day, and prove that Elijah's decision to spare his life was the correct one. That all his decisions so far haven't been for naught.

It's going to be a tough road ahead of him. He'll likely not make it out alive. But Teodor-- Kristen-- whoever this person is, his purpose is all he has left.

If he joins the Order, he'll work his way up to a position of leadership and lead an outfit of specialized demon / occult hunters. If he is not allowed to join the Order, he'll instead make his own tangentially-aligned outfit. He was supposed to help lead the Blackwatch, but the leadership for that guild went... AFK, so it's apparent that Teodor's gotta jump ship to something else more active. Revitalizing the Thunderbirds probably isn't an option.

This is a long shot, but I feel that the below is justified because Teodor has played such an active role on the world stage so far. He's also massively, massively underpowered versus people (and demons) way below his RPL. Even though he has an Exalted spell, it's arguably a worse spell than some intermediates and basics. Most people that I fight have said that Vacuum Vortex is very weak. Shockwave does more damage.

The actual perks desired:
  • Thunder King (exalted): If I'm not allowed to have two exalteds, then I would like to exchange Vacuum Vortex for Thunder King. I like to believe that my character has demonstrated in the logs that they're at the ultimate level of Lightning Magic mastery. They've had enough conflict to show this. (15 rpp?)
  • Storm's Wrath (blade style): As an armed user, I feel like this one is almost required to be competitive against mage builds. My previous app, along with this one, should demonstrate sufficient armed proficiency to qualify for the Blade Style upgrade. (5 rpp?)
Applying for two things in one application is unorthodox, I know, but I strongly urge you to consider it. I don't want to just have to make another application using mostly the same material. I feel like given everything that my character has done, the amount of time I've been doing things and not applying, and the amount of effort I've put into this application, two perks is justified. 

If both perks are accepted, this will be my final application for Teodor Hargrave. I think that would be preferred, since Teodor's reached the final chapter in his life. I fully expect him to be beaten and killed by a demon, but I'd at least like him to have a fighting chance against some of the lesser demons. As it stands, he has no chance against the vast majority of all of them!

Thanks for reading!
Approved for swapping Vacuum Vortex with Thunder King + Storm's Wrath.
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