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As trauma and war cloud over Osrona, and the threat of extinction looms over men ever so more by the day, a guild arises to ensure it's survival. The Flame-Keepers are a guild of primarily pyromancers, founded and lead by Ashe Lieyan, heir to the Lieyan Dynasty, and Andrew Mercia. The goal of the guild is to protect and keep alight humanities flame, no matter the costs; should the Black Watch fail, the Keepers will blow life into the embers of which they leave. Not only does the guild wish to protect humanity at all costs, but they also wish to protect it's decency, it's lively-hood, for life is but death without the pleasures of culture and community. This secondary goal shines brightly for the common people and crafters of Osrona, attempting to protect them and others, bearing the burden, so they may not have to, ensuring their happiness and thus the continued success and heroism of humanity.
Known Ranks:
Pygmy: Initiates of all walks of life, be it crafting, mercenary work, soldiers, or scholars. The guild fosters community, encouraging socializing and productive crafts over war mentalities. Differences in the burdens the ranks bear are obvious when looking at the fertile Pygmy. If they can provide and seek the finest of life for themselves, the will is to allow that. No matter how futile, the hope of life must be maintained.

Kindler of the Flame: Proven capable member of the guild. This individual has shown their presence and drive of society is to make it brighter, emboldened. They have a grasp of the situation of the world, understand the dirtiness of it all and yet still strive to live the fullest for the sake of the flame, the sake of passion, joy. This is often as high as non-combatants go in Flame-Keepers.

Cinder Guard: Warriors, knights, magi, fighters...- These are people who have sworn to protect life itself over all. They will die to preserve the innocent and weak of society in wake of demons, they seek not to kill demons, not to rival them in power, but to stand before them in defiance as they attempt to steal what is dear to them. Work in groups, wear them down, call for back ups or retreats when needed, you are not the demon slayer.

Flame-Keeper: The elite of the Flame-Keepers. They are regularly highly trained and specialized fire magi. They seem to be open to non-flame wielders to assuming the title, and even are known to be multi circuited magi, but tradition speaks from the Lieyan Dynasty, and as it fades, it still holds stubborn. It seems the passion the Flame represents drew fire users to it naturally...

Grande-Flame: Ashantae A. Lieyan, tattooed rune mage of Sheng origin, her steps bring ember forth from the ground, her blood bears light for the stars. Protected and hid away by her father until his untimely death, Ash is the heir to her family's lineage of expert fire magic, having been raised from birth and tattooed with runes to ensure her potency. Now she leads a guild in what she believes is her fathers honor, dedicating herself to the protection of human life and extermination of demons.
Recruitment can be done ICly with Ashe or Andrew, or arranged OOC through discord: Faye!#3092
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