Sword of LegendSéven's Treatise: Fate's Waltz Stance
Fate – Defiance

The ultimate discussion of fate and the nature of humanity’s desire to defy it. There is a notion that accepting fate is a limitation of freedom, one could say that accepting that things cannot change would mean that no matter what action you take, nothing in the end matters because the destination would be the same. Fate itself, as I believe and have discussed, is not a fixed thing, to say that such an abstract concept could be bound by mortal understanding would be laughable. Still, that being said, this need to *defy* fate still burns inside of the soul once the thought of *freedom* is challenged.

Why does this need to be free burn so bright in our hearts? What is actually binding us that we need to break the chains of this perceived imprisonment. Our belief is the need to overcome. Humanity’s need to overcome strife and conflict is what really drives us, and we create these ultimatums that we aspire to defeat. It comes in many forms, a thought that is contrary to popular belief or a dogma created by a community, maybe a religious belief that permeates in a community... all of these things have one thing in common. The destruction of human interaction and of free will, the collective is something that many people fear. When a group begin to think as one...then the *self* disappears and we lose our identity. Why think for yourself when others have created a roadmap on how to think for you, years in advance.

Those who believe they are enlightened see this *fallacy* and reject it, clinging to some sort of contrarian idea that anarchy or *true freedom* can only be obtained by breaking this seemingly cyclical paradigm. Can it be broken, is it something that exists, we won’t pretend to have that answer, to have peace of mind we observe this quality of humanity and act occordingly.
School of Thought – Balance

Strife, it is one of the things that define mortal history throughout the realm of Eternia, as those who observe, we move forward with a sense of understanding that others will not. There is a balance to everything that exists in this world. Where there is light shining on the world, a shadow is cast among the stars, a darkness that lives in our hearts is coupled with a light of our morality that keeps our darkest desires from being acted on.

The realm is an interesting place, with groups that all have a sense of dogma that they wish to enforce upon those who challenge their ideas. It isn’t as simple as good against evil, in the stories of each living thing, they believe that their growth trumps all others. People will move together with a mindset that stregnthens this dogma. We do not judge, not harshly, it isn’t an easy task however. We are products partially of our surroundings, whatever ideal that we were raised will be the foundation of anything that this stance on life takes. We must be careful and understand others, challenge our own ideals constantly, that challenge is what brings us to our center.

A balance and a willingness to see beyond our rigid ideology.
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