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Across Therian territory, a few papers have been put up where people might notice them. The first noticeable item on the papers is an illustration of a glowing star.
[Image: Meteor.png]
[Image: 44eaafda1e74e22437df171cbea45a64.png]

If this paper caught your eyes, then hopefully you're interested in the cosmos. My name is Sven Osiris, and I'm looking for like minded individuals. As things are now, I've decided to take my first step forward into learning what it really means to be a magi. More specifically, to be handpicked by the stars.

This comes with a multitude of different responsibilities and deeper understanding. Unfortunately, it's taken me until now to realize that and try to better myself because of it.

Here in Theria, I'm looking for people who would be willing to learn alongside me - As well as more educated cosmic magi who would be willing to share their wisdom and knowledge.

If you're interested, please try to find me somewhere in Theria or leave your name and a brief description of yourself below. Let's have a conversation!

Below each paper, a few lengthy lines have been left for one to write their name on it, a short description, or maybe even a location.

[En#7851 || Feel free to comment below, contact me on Discord, or find me IC.]
As expected, a letter is tacked to that paper! It bears with it a wax seal of the The Faith!

Greetings Sven Osiris,

My name is Yiel, and I’m a Deacon within the Essharan Celestial Church. During my time amid the Sisters of Saint Niles of Astya, I’ve taken in quite a bit of knowledge related to the stars - more specifically, the Leonaus Constellation. During my studies as part of the Church I’ve refined my connection with my patron star and the Constellation as a whole to the point where I am able to draw upon cosmic power. I would be happy to meet with you sometime in Osrona so that we may speak about the lore of the stars.

If such appeals to you, I can be found in the central park within Caelfall.

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