TeeCollected Lore of the Astyan People
Collected Lore, Vol. V: Known Relics & Artifacts

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The second-last tome in the series, Volume 5 is a noble attempt by the researcher at an exhaustive and definitive list of known and confirmed objects of Astyan origin. The origin of the majority seem largely speculative, due to a lack of surviving evidence. Of all the works in the Collected Lore series, this tome has been most argued over by historians and some of the listings are more controversial than others. This particular work is most referenced by modern archaeologists and artifact hunters, usually in an attempt to prove an Astyan lineage for some relic being sold.

Identification of Astyan artifacts is a difficult and laborious process - generally, the only way of being entirely sure of an artifact's origin is to find at least two references to it in ancient writings or script. Of course, given the scarcity of such ancient data, such a provenance can be difficult, if not impossible, to accurately establish. As such, possible alternate origins are mentioned whenever the true origins can't be certified.

The Adonai, Golden Staff of the Sovereign
[Image: nqueJpY.png]

Origin: Petrakis Dynasty, Mythic Era
Crafter: Jorvik Petrakis (assumed)


The Adonai was for millennia a symbol of the ruling power of the Petrakis lineage and a metaphysical representation of the Divine blessings the Astyans cultivated. Supposedly crafted by a particularly skilled Metal-shaping Petrakis prince, it was gifted to a 'Queen Amara Petrakis' early in Astya's expansionist phase and was a treasured symbol of power for thousands of years. It was systematically improved over centuries with concentrated and overlapping application of complex enchantments, and occasionally loaned to champions of the Petrakis dynasty. Its specific powers are never mentioned in any ancient writing.


The Adonai's fate is only sparsely documented in ancient Essharan sources; most point to the staff being lost in the final defense and escape, c. 280AC. 

Liber Daemonicus, aka the Book of Elaide
[Image: IkjKJWl.png]
[Image: qHHKbfk.gif]

Origin: Archmagi Elaide, Mythic Era
Crafter: Uncertain (assumed Archmagi Elaide)
Though the origins of demonkind are a hotly contested topic among both scholars and theologians, none can settle the matter with quite as much certainty as the original handbook. Much knowledge of the Book is driven by speculation, not surprising considering the heretical nature of it. The only extant writing on the Liber Daemonicus is from a ruined Astyan temple site and sporadic mention in other sources (where Elaide is even mentioned at all). Supposedly, the Book of Elaide contains half-mad (but brilliant) conjecturing on the very nature of magic itself, leading to the subsequent Astyan exploration into occultic energy sources.
The Liber Daemonicus is last mentioned in an Osronan Church script from 941AC, mentioning that a group of Therian peddlars had attempted to sell them something of that name, described as 'a revolting pile of smoldering rags'. (subsequent arrest, search, and summary execution of the traders turned up, apparently, nothing of interest save for a strong taint of occultic magic lingering near the Therians). 

The Ruby Swimsuit
[Image: GPr3jZC.png]
Origin: Astyan Design Festival, c. 60AC

Crafter: Juriah Altis, Altis Gemworks

A bi-yearly event in Astyan culture, the Design Festival was a showcase of fashion and art, much of which would be used as the following year's noble dress. In later eras of the Astyan Kingdom, this festival would grow increasingly more competitive, with progressively larger prizes given out to the chosen winners (as well as numerous offers for designing garments for Astyan nobility). The festival of 60AC was won by a Juriah Altis, as his ruby-crafted swimsuit was given the only perfect score ever awarded by judges in the long history of the festival. Later, the swimsuit was gifted to the Astyan royal family, the matriarch of whom subsequently had it enchanted and wore it into battle on numerous occasions.


The Ruby Swimsuit, once thought lost in the flight from the Kingdom, is now known to have survived, having been gifted to the Queen of Valmasia on her birthday shortly before Mordred's invasion. Its current whereabouts, if it still exists, are unknown, though occasional rumors about a remarkably similar garment have continuously resurfaced in various cities over the decades.

The Chronolens, aka The Mad Eye of Time
[Image: vzg96UZ.png]
Origin: Astya, Early Mythic Era (probably)

Crafter: Unknown; See Below

Out of all Astyan artifacts, the Chronolens is possibly the one with the least archaeology-friendly history. Indeed, its own past is a muddled mess of temporal loops and unpleasant paradoxes of space and time, making tracing its construction virtually impossible. Even the Astyan themselves, in the few times the Lens is mentioned, invariably note that nobody was quite sure how it actually works anymore (hinting at its quite ancient construction) or how to use it. In gluing together the Eye of Time's various mentions throughout the historical record, it's clear that the relic itself has some kind of underlying mechanic or agenda that nobody else can figure out - inevitably, after being activated and used, the Lens always initiates some kind of Time-ripple and disappears entirely. Entire centuries subsquently pass before the Lens is again mentioned, inexplicably reappearing somewhere - and somewhen- else in the world.  

In 877AC the Chronolens was known to be activated, emitting a well-described pulse of Time energy across the continents (subsquently noted in many records). The effects of this pulse or what significance there was on that date is still being debated by scholars. Since then, known activations of the Lens (or their effects) are rare, and the Lens itself, due to its internal manipulation of the flow of Time, can by definition never be certifiably located. With the power of the Chronolens, it's even possible that it has not, in fact, been created yet, and instead merely appeared  first in the Early Mythic Era in Astyan hands.
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